UPDATE 7/13/2018: Jagex has explained how the update caused the error and has rolled the servers back to a time before the update. Any players who used the exploit to acquire OSRS membership will have that membership revoked and may face further disciplinary action.

ORIGINAL STORY 7/12/2018: Yesterday, Jagex announced that RuneScape, in its various forms, has made over $800 million in its 17 years of operation. Today, news has come down that RuneScape is “making” even more money, though not in the way its creators intended.

A recent update has triggered a bug that makes it so that, as PCGamesN describes, “Items are turning into stacks of money, and in no small quantity – these bugged stacks contain the most coins it’s possible for them to contain. That’s 2,147,483,647.” Talk about inflation!

Naturally, this kind of free cash has a dramatic influence on the game’s economy, which has been taken offline indefinitely until the error can be fixed — and, we’d guess, some kind of rollback implemented for those who took advantage of the error, especially if they used the extra gold to purchase Old School Bonds. The official notice from Jagex is brief, and doesn’t give an ETA for the game’s return.

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