Can a game still be called “old school” if it’s been around for five years? Maybe Jagex will need to come up with Old Old School RuneScape in a few more years …

In the meantime, however, Old School RuneScape is celebrating its five-year anniversary, spinning off into its own game with new content and challenges for players. One of those pieces of new content is out today, an adventure involving Da Vinci and a new painting commission, with the reward of the iconic sword etched with the game’s logo.

OSRS is so popular, it’s even getting its own dedicated Twitch channel, which will kick off with a livestream celebrating the anniversary today at 11:00 a.m. PST. It will also stream the finals for the Deadman 2018 Spring Tournament on March 17, where a $20,000 cash prize will be on the line. And, in case you need reminding, OSRS will be on mobile at some point in the near future; you can sign up for it here.

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    • I think that’s a bit splitting hairs given the event asks you to help Da Vinci for a reward, that’s pretty much a quest, but we’ve changed the headline to match the text we had already used in the article. Thanks!

      • runescape is one of the best mmorpg games ever developed and I think the test of time has proved that. Even big game devs are starting to take notice of how successful reboots can be with the upcoming vanilla WoW. Its such a shame that people cant look past the superficial graphics.

        Taking a stab at the name “oldschool” and then adding dots on the end was a tad unfair, lets just be honest this is the internet every one knows what dots mean…..

        My two fav mmos ever created are star wars galaxies and runescape (not rs3). Maybe next time there is an article of runescape this site should give them a bit more credit and take a look at there dev streams and see how the devs interact with there players. They provide updates every single week without fail and actually take note of what there players are saying.

        There isnt even a description of what deadman is and to touch on the da vinci point, Jagex have been doing this for years they have a quirky humor which is consistent through out the game unlike other titles to worried about ruining there oh so perfect immersion (end sarcasm).

        Do the game justice its only fair.

        • I think you are reading insult into a comment that none is intended and if so I am sorry. Jason’s opening sentence is making light of calling a game “Old School” that is 5 years old and suggesting a new version called “OLD” Old School coming out soon, it makes no inference on the game, just making a funny comment on titles. Sorry if you took that as a slam, it certainly isn’t intended that way.


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