Sony Online Entertainment will soon be running the show alone for many of its games in Europe.

As revealed today on the official SOE forums, SOE will migrate its EU game accounts for PlanetSide 2, DC Universe Online, and EverQuest II from ProSiebenSat1. Games back to SOE around July 1.

Players who want to keep using their accounts and the characters on them will need to create a Station account. As payment and personal details won’t be transferred, they’ll also need to re-enter credit card info if they want to make payments. Any existing currency will be converted into Station Cash and all subscription time will be carried over. Region locks have already been lifted, so players can start making their new accounts immediately.

One big consequence of this move is that Europeans will now be able to take advantage of SOE’s player studio to make — and make money from — their creations. You’d have to think that Landmark and EverQuest Next, which are expected to thrive on player-created content, were major factors in this divorce.


  1. No problem for me,i was in PS2 beta so i got to stay with sony anyway. Glad I won’t have to put up with Prosiebensat1 games for Everquest next.

  2. About time gawd damn. Prosieben/sat1 games was the worst for them. No support at all. I lost 2 dc chars after that migration. Still no answers after like 100 emails.


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