Paladins Maps Will See Details Restored From The Beta Era In Upcoming Banners Fall Update

Hi-Rez Studios also addressed Mal'Damba balancing.

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Paladins Ice Mines

This week in the realm of Paladins

The developers over at Hi-Rez Studios have been restoring details to various maps, aiming to recapture the essence of the shooter game’s early years. From Brightmarsh to Primal Court, efforts have been made to reintroduce the small touches. The upcoming Banners Fall update will see Ascension Peak, Ice Mines, and Splitstone Quarry receive their details back from the beta era. Also, Greenwood Outpost will see its original render distance restored, eliminating pop-in during Payload pushes.

From the recent Public Test Server, there were concerns about Mal'Damba. Despite previous attempts to balance him, he remained a potent pick for high-level players but posed challenges for others. The team revisited Mal'Damba's abilities, introducing tweaks to his Mending Spirits ability to provide more burst healing without significantly altering his overall healing output. Adjustments were also made to his Cards to ensure they remain effective without undeserved nerfs.

Players can look forward to a weekend Limited Time Mode featuring classic maps Stone Keep, Timber Mill, and Warder's Gate too, where they can earn double Event Pass XP.

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