The next Open Beta update for Hi-Rez’ free-to-play shooter Paladins is on its way and it’s bringing with it a new archer champion — Sha Lin – the Desert Wind.

The champion is described by the devs as having more of a “true draw” with arrows being affected by gravity. Among his abilities is “The Great Bow” which is assigned to the left mouse button and can be powered up by simply holding the mouse button down as long as you like. (It also allows the arrow to shoot straighter and be affected by gravity less.) There is a downside however, as players will experience a speed penalty as long as the mouse button is held down.

The right mouse button ability is something called “The Impaler Arrow” and can be used while the left mouse ability is in use. This ability knocks the enemy back. If they hit a wall in the knockback, they’re stunned.

Sha Lin’s movement ability allows him to leap out of himself, effectively becoming invisible while moving and leaving a still image of himself behind as a decoy. His Q ability is “Planted” which plants him in one spot and increases his fire rate and reduces his draw time.

Finally, his ultimate is an escape ability that allows him to enter stealth and move more quickly while drawing his bow 50% faster. He also leaves an image of himself behind every 2 seconds, causing a bit of confusion while running away.

Full patch notes detailing Sha Lin’s abilities — as well as other changes coming with update 37 — will be available later this week. You can watch a preview of his abilities above.

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  1. This game was in development before Overwatch and was different in gameplay style. When Overwatch was announced they started moving the game more and more in that direction so you could say it is a cheap Overwatch.

    However Blizzard is Blizzard and almost every single gameplay mechanic and ability in Overwatch is from other another game especially TF2 and even Hi-Rez’s own “Global Agenda”. So its fair to call them both knock-offs.

    Blizzard is the most successful clone-factory of all time. The only thing they bring to the table themselves is marketing and production value (and some people like their story-telling but that is subjective, since some people also think their stories are childish).

    • No idea who that guy is since my name is ASD but I do not. Most people just been assuming I hate most free 2 play games but I do not. I mean I’m not gonna download every free 2 play game on my devices since I don’t got all the time in the world to play games but during my reviews I tell my views and opinions about each game that I know enough about or played. But I do like a decent amount of free 2 play games. Who ever been saying I hate most free 2 play games is dead wrong on that.

      • Lol your an idiot ZXDUAL and I only made the name you and alot of other people think my name is on this site in the comment that is right above this one just to prove a point.

  2. Both games are fun so why all the damn hate. They were both in production around the same time, Overwatch was just announced and released first. You can’t call one of them a copy since both copy stuff from other games. A notable example would be TF2. As for the characters, sure you can say that Overwatch has more background story for them but originality? I’ve seen stuff similar to both of them already. Its hard to stay original when almost everything has already been done. Sure I had more fun with overwatch but to say that paladins wasn’t almost as fun would be a lie. Both games are great to play when you have a bunch of friends to play with.

    • Finally somebody get’s it 🙂 and yeah overwatch released first and paladins is claiming they were in production long before overwatch went into production so obviously this is gonna be a discussion because people just love drama nowadays. All I gotta say is play the game if you like it or STFU and keep your opinions to yourself and don’t be a hater. Everyone can have their own opinions about the game but nowadays people seem to hate on people who play certain games.

  3. first tree with axe, then WW2 soldier with futuristic rifle, mexican in transformer templar armours, hindu with shotgun jumping like hulk, dragon with jetpack, robot from dark ages…. and now we got alladin from china with bow that shoots d.i.l.d.o.s if hit walls….
    hi rez – F.,U.,C.,K your taste!!! better buy overwatch than play this tasteless copy-paste, “made in CHINA” version

    • m8, are you actually retarded? This game was made before overwatch and it’s made to be fun, not to make sence…just like…you know…99% of the games

      • Made before Overwatch ? Ok! Let’s do a quick Google search.
        Overwatch release date: 24 May 2016
        Paladins release date: 16 September 2016
        And btw Overwatch was announced a year before Paladins was. So get your facts straight before you start commenting about something.

    • you keep saying that like its a bad thing…give me more fun crazy combinations…i want my cowboy werewolves already

      also pretty sad you need to shill you p2p game in a free f2p websites

    • nobody is forcing you to play it Overwatch was the one that imposed the shitty Disney graphics and now Paladins copies them to try and stay relevant

      i wont play neither, because this type of game seems stupid to me
      i have some ~6 hours in Paladins and i don’t get what’s so special about those games, I played Overwatch during OBT and I uninstalled it after 30 minutes

      both games are retarded

    • i don’t mind but, there really isn’t much lore about the characters or the world…. which is important for us to like a character and a game, hence why i prefer overwatch in general.

    • You read my mind because overwatch is so much better then this garbage and it’s clear that paladins is a copy and paste of overwatch. This will probably be a fight for a while that paladins isn’t a copy and that it is because paladins was in development before overwatch was but I feel paladins is a copy of overwatch since overwatch released before paladins was released. Also since your buying overwatch it doesn’t have a majority of those annoying kids since they gotta buy the game first and not everyone has 40-60 dollars which is good in my opinion.

      • Stop with this shitty excuse…i played Both and the same amount of annoying kids are in both…the diference is that in OW they are elitists shits too because they think they are better for paying for the game

      • It’s not a excuse lolboy it’s a fact that the majority of the kids would play the free one then the buy 2 play one since not everyone can buy the game. Unless they act like big cry babies and beg their parents to buy it for them or steal money from their parents credit card. I admit your right about elists shits being in overwatch it’s why I quit playing the game because no one was cooperating when I was in matches and it was almost impossible for me to level up. But I rather pay money for overwatch then play paladins anyday because blizzard is a reliable brand then HI-REZ in my opinion. I admit blizzard messes up sometimes but I don’t like the games that HI-REZ produces.

      • Idk who ASAD is CACABALLZ because my username is ASD. And I have played both games so please come up with better insults before you try to insult people. Thank you. 🙂


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