Paladins‘ Darkness and Dragons battle pass is on its way out, and when it goes, it’ll be replaced with Radiant Stars. As you can probably guess from the title, the new battle pass features a very magical girl theme, including skins for Io, Inara, Imani, and Seris. But that’s not the only thing of interest coming in this particular pass. It will also change how players unlock skins.

Radiant Stars will introduces the Bounty Store. Skins in this new store will be made available to purchase using Bounty Coins, a new currency obtained by completing daily quests — so long as the player completing those quests has a linked Hi-Rez account. The store itself will offer a limited quantity of a single skin for 72 hours at a time and the price of the skin can either go up or down.

Which direction the price goes depends on where it starts. If a skin price starts out low, it will increase as players purchase the skin and the available number drops. If it starts out high, the price will drop every day it’s available. So, there will either be a lot of people fighting to get cheap purchases up front or — in the other scenario — simply waiting until the last day to make a purchase. It’ll be interesting to see how it works out.

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