Path of Exile‘s new Delve league goes live in two days, and we got a sneak peek at its main features earlier this month. If you want even more details, though, you can check out the patch notes, which were posted on the forums yesterday.

The list is enormous and delves (ha!) into details that only the hardest-core of hardcore PoE players will absorb, although there was one interesting tidbit that I wasn’t aware of: a level-downscaling system that allows high-level players to hang out with their low-level friends in low-level areas. Delve also adds a new Atlas of Worlds feature, Shaper’s Strongholds, which only appear once you’ve met the Shaper, a bunch of new skill gems, and an imprecise “26(ish) new Unique items, 3 of which were designed by supporters.”

Also important: “That guy who opens the gate to Lioneye’s Watch now also says something!” and “There are now children hanging out in Oriath Square (the nice version). Go say hi!” Children in Path of Exile? Totally not going to meet with a grisly death later on …

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