Pretty much everyone loves Path of Exile, but if there’s one thing that people might have reason to gripe about, it’s the game’s loot boxes. Sure, they’re totally cosmetic — and in a game where you care more about your gear’s stats than its appearance, that’s not so bad — but gamers can only take so much before open rebellion occurs.

That’s what happened yesterday, when the new Salvage Box was announced, just a few days after the launch of the Blight expansion. Because there are no duplicate guarantees in PoE’s loot boxes, players can rack up more than a few extras that they don’t need. The Salvage Box costs 30 points ($3) and “lets you destroy your duplicate microtransactions to increase the chances of receiving rarer microtransactions” from the Salvage Box, which can contain items from previous, now-expired boxes. In other words, you can consume your bad drops for a chance at a better drop — which might not actually be better and might be another duplicate.

It’s not too surprising, then, that the idea went over with players like solar panels on Wraeclast. As a result, Grinding Gear Games has canceled its plans for the Salvage Box, as reported in a post this morning. Player feedback was “intensely negative,” and the box has been removed from sale, though already-purchased boxes still function normally.

That being said, duplicate microtransactions are a thing in Path of Exile, and lots of players would probably like to find a use for all the common and uncommon junk they have lying around. So I’d expect we’ll see another attempt at dealing with that inventory situation in the future, and maybe — in the farther future, depending on how various regulatory bodies decide things — the removal of loot boxes entirely.


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