Path of Exile‘s most recent update features a small quality of life change that might mean a lot for anyone who makes use of the game’s microtransactions. In order to streamline the use of items obtained via microtransactions in game, Grinding Gear Games is introducing a new system that does away with the Stash and replaces it with something that allows players to manage everything more efficiently.

Now, microtransactions are equipped to individual slots to allow players to swap them out easily without having to reclaim them. The system makes it harder for players to misplace microtransactions as well. A video highlighting the new system can be seen above. For more information on the update as a whole, be sure to check out the post on the Path of Exile site.

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  1. All they need to do to bring me back to the game is adding gamepad support. Otherwise i’ll just wait for a PS4 version sometime after it launches on xbone. Excellent game hindered by mouse controls IMO.

    I stopped playing Diablo on PC for the same reason. That game plays magically well with gamepad on PS4.

    • Ironically it’s the game pad that hinders the game, so much so that they are needing to removes skills on the xbox version


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