Path of Exile‘s newest expansion, Legion, goes live today, and might even be by the time you read this. As of one hour ago, Grinding Gear Games tweeted out that the servers “will be live in just 15 minutes,” but there’s been no follow-up. In any case, if it’s not ready yet, it will be Soon(tm). The Xbox and PlayStation 4 launches of the expansion will follow on Monday, June 10.

When everything does come together, you’ll be able to dive in and insert yourself into a war between five factions stuck in time, which you can unstick and then slaughter for loot. Legion also offers major changes to melee combat and loot that produces loot, because hey, who doesn’t love loot?

We went over the major points of the expansion in our interview a few weeks ago, so read that to get a primer on what to expect. You can also get more info on Legion on the Path of Exile site — or at least, you’ll be able to once the servers aren’t getting hammered into oblivion.

Finally, make sure to mark your calendars — and maybe schedule a day off of work — for Friday, Sept. 6, when the next expansion launches, and Friday, Dec. 6 for the expansion after that. Then there’s ExileCon on Nov. 16-17, where there will be lots of info about that December expansion, as well as the plans for the mega-expansion in early 2020.

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  1. That screenshot makes me wanna go back to POE (maybe they fixed lag issue I had 3-4 years ago).
    Anybody reading this comment. can you name the spell stone? is it attack or aura? 🙂

  2. crashes every 5 minutes to 90% of pc player’s as alway’s the season begins on the first hotfix, which is 2 weeks from now.


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