Path of Exile, Grinding Gear’s ARPG has been in some form of beta since August 2011. It’s crazy to think it has been that long since we first got a taste of the gritty action within. The game itself was a response to Diablo 3 being stuck in development hell for over a decade. Yet here we are, the start of a new year and on the cusp of the open beta release for the game, which is slated for January 23rd! Only a week away!

To tide players over Grinding Gear has released an open beta trailer for POE complete with gratuitous amounts of explosive electricity, camera pans, exploding giblets and other necessary elements needed to convey just how awesomely expansive the game truly is. Check it out above and let us know what you think.

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  1. hi guys i has been playing poe for a few months, so i will let an honest opinion.

    graphics = nice but need a lot of polishment

    mechanics= excelent, easy to play and really confortable, the only thing do i hate is targeting system suck.

    history= suck, i mean you can compara with d2 or d1 , no sense history

    items= very nice items also the unique are very fun and awesome random system

    chars= excellent build system, all chars are unique.

    why i quit,

    = community suck, a lot of multi acount log in, many guys whit 7 chars same time, ethernal lag.
    A lot of real money item sellers, spaming you, stealing you, hacking, scaming, stealing in public party. No control of that.

    So is my point of view you can have the gratest game and you can be a good, but if you cant play solo or relaxed with all the advertising spamming and hack ,game suck….

  2. I’m a beta tester as well…And i must say the game is well polished just with a few bugs here and there but hey that’s why it’s a beta! The ability to use support gems and create unique skills is amazing! Don’t take my word for it. Just wait 3 more days and see for yourself 😀

  3. Thks to Jellopy for such a in depth view to the game and the trailer is one that has drawn me to to give this game a whirl too . But it was in the in depth veiw of Jellopy that push me to do it again thks . 😉

  4. I am going to cover a bit of the games systems here to get the hype train moving for those who don’t already know much about PoE.
    It borrows several core mechanics which had a large success in previously released titles. First and most importantly is the passive skill system which most closely relates to the node system in the final fantasy 10 skill tree. You have a massive tree that offers passive boosts to stats and skills. Each class has a pre defined starting point which branches in two directions on the tree, the classes are both pure and hybrid. In example the Marauder starts as a pure tank with the two paths leading through damaging nodes or defensive nodes which i would refer to as the physical path for lack of a better description. An example of hybrid is the duelest who has access to both power nodes and dexterity nodes from its starting point. However this does not limit the options and any class can specialize into any role with some planning. So if you want to be a brutish caster or a dainty warrior you have those options,it just takes a bit of time to reach the pool of passives you are after from your starting point.
    Next is the skill system. This functions most similarly to the materia system in final fantasy 7. You will find equipment with sockets on them and also items to increase or alter the sockets. They are colored by the skill types they can carry, red would be a physical skill likely used by tanks and require strength. The requirements to equip skills start out very low but as the skill gems gain levels they have heavier status requirements. I should note that stat points are only acquired by nodes in the passive tree or on equipment but this works well with the game requiring a little planning. The skill gems do not stack, so equiping an example of say,two double strike gems would not boost the skill, and it selects the highest level gem to be the one active in the skill list. This might make it sound meaningless to equip more than one of the same gem but it can be usefull since both gems will gain experience while equiped.
    Next up is the item enhancement and modification system. You will acquire items while playing that alter everything from the base stats to the item rarity of a piece of equipment and even some which allow a form of gambling to give a chance at turning a low quality item into a unique item worth much more to the right player. This system is very in depth and I could cover many bases on it but the website covers this better than i could possibly. I will leave this at my opinion that it is the most in depth and creative item modification system i have seen in any game to date.
    The last thing I will touch on is the economy system. It is quite inovative but there are some vastly contrasting opinions from player to player on weather they like it or not. I happen to love it and have faith it will prevent a lot of botting and currency sellers from swarming the servers. Instead of a set currency various items you find will be used to barter for other items. This can be difficult to grasp at first but you will get used to it. As far as the values of these currency items between players it all depends on how much a player wants or needs the specific item and how much of it is circulating so trading is never the same old experience as items circulate.
    I will conclude this with my advice that anyone seeking a fresh experience or an action rpg to replace the void left by certain others recently released should at least give this a whirl. I love it and I am willing to wager most people will at least find a few things they can embrace in this game.

  5. ok i was really against this game at first cause it reminds me a lot of that bs game diablo but i gotta admit after checking some videos out(including this video ofc)and reading a tiny bit about it i will totally try this game out but as a lot of people here or some of the people here i ain’t trying it cause of the character wipe which i honestly don’t know why companies do it in the first place but idc either they got their reasons i don’t judge them their game they can do whatever they want but when this goes live yep totally downloading and playing this and i agree with 1 of the comments above this game is better looking and probably better in general than the diablo series

    • This is closer to being Diablo than Diablo 3 could ever be. Hell I’d say it’s better than Diablo because you can customize your class with any of the skills in their skill tree, which equates to a few zillion combinations and builds (which will surely make people plot it out before playing). Been playing the game for the past few months and have stopped because of their wipes before open beta, but once it starts…o’momma!

      If you’re a fan of hack n slash rpg’s like Diablo 1/2 Path of Exile is worth 100% of your time. More so than what’s left of Blizzard and the crap storm fail thats D3.

      • cant disagree with u my friend not at all unfortunatelly/fortunatelly i ain’t a fan on hack n slash rpgs that much never really played diablo but i’ve watched a LOT of my friends play it for hours but this game might be “my start” on loving or liking games like the ones u suggested above

    • ZhaoYun. Character wipes are a normal thing during closed beta, they are more frequent in Path of the Exile than most games but it is still well within the norm. Character wipes are there to prevent any possible bugs being carried over after a patch, they are most common after a bigger patch that affects balance between players in some way, like changes to classes or races or something similar. More often then not, there will be one last precautionary character wipe when a game switches to open beta, but it’s not always the case. Especially now with the new gimmick that they do where they release a finished game but they call it “open beta” as to avoid bad press. A luxury only available to free2play games. In my experience i have never seen a character wipe during an open beta or after the official release of the game.

      • i haven’t seen one either but excuse me maybe i got from what i read from u wrong but i’ve seen some games out there “putting” new classes into their games and not making a wipe one of those would be rusty hearts i believe(they putted a buy 2 get class but that still means they put a class without a wipe correct)i know much more but i apologize because i do not really can remember them now or their names.Either way i will totally agree “Especially now with the new gimmick that they do where they release a finished game but they call it “open beta” as to avoid bad press” with this part cause thats how i feel and see things as well.Thank you for your info and yes i was serious although i am playing mmos for 3 years now i never realized(or analyzed)why companies make wipes

        • Releasing a new class or race after the official launch of the game is a much easier process in the terms of balancing it out with the already existing content because they already have the rules written down. A huge part of closed beta is actually figuring out the rules of introducing future content, like how to make spells be different enough to be interesting to the players but again to be similar enough to be easy to develop for the actual game developers and to not require to much testing.

          This is especially apparent on content which is released more regularly, like new characters in Leage of Legends. Every new character reminds us of one or more older characters because they are all made under the same mold. If they didn’t have one, then making new characters would take to long to balance out.

          Besides, all the balancing and testing of new content after the release of the game is being done on public test servers. Almost every MMO has these and can be found if you google them. I believe Rusty Harts also has one.

  6. Anyone knows if that thing at the end of the video is a class or a monster? And if its a class, what is it? Game looks really cool, I played it in one of those stress test and its really awesome, D3 shouldnt even be compared to this, this is much better and I am happy u guys kept the good work =)

    • Best arpg I have played since Titan Quest. Lots to do and well polished. As for the guy at the end of the video that is the emperor responsible for your exile and from the sound of it he is going to be a boss fight in the game at some point now. I’ve been in the closed beta for a few months now and I am still captivated by the game. I would certainly recommend it to any fan of action rpgs and even to those new to the genre since it is so well done.

  7. YES! Finally! With this Diablo 3 will finally die and this game will get the attention it deserves. I’ve been holding off playing because of the character wipes. I can’t wait until this is live and the characters stay on the main ladders. :3

    • Diablo 3 wont ever die, i can guarantee that. This is because diablo has to much history from the 1990’s to 2013 and popularity with blizzards franchise.

    • so essentially instead of just getting ppl to comment properly, all the first, second nonsense is replaced by stating more nonsense i.e mounted

      anyway, too many games are taking too long to move to either sustained open betas or live damaging the piece of market they wish to take – some games I completely forget about unless I’m playing e.g Firefall


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