Even Without A Typical Class System, Pax Dei's Combat Will Be Trinity-Based According To A Full Combat Reveal

It's time to find out how they're dealing with classes.

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Pax Dei Class Info

Those curious about Pax Dei might have noticed that the MMORPG's developers haven’t been exactly forthcoming with information about some of the game’s systems. Particularly RPG systems and combat. Today, that’s changed.

In a new post in the Pax Dei Discord server, the team explains why they’ve been quiet about these features as well as what players can expect. It turns out that the silence stems from the fact that they were busy with other things, specifically world design, economy and all the things that go with it, and working on a unique housing system. These are all things the developers consider “foundational parts of the game”.

That said, they have been working on the other systems as well, and in the post they reveal that most of what players will experience should be familiar. It’s a “classic MMO foundation”. That means that there will be the ‘holy trinity’ of tank, healer, and DPS. Aggro systems, HP, and endurance will all be a part of the game. The difference is that despite what one might think, what with the trinity being in play, the game is without a typical class system. Players will be creating their own roles.

The idea is to offer players more freedom in line with a sandbox game. This means that character roles will be determined by gear, all of which is crafted in the game. So, character progression is tied to crafting facilities and the game’s economy.

The game offers advanced crafting options that will allow players to enhance items with unique abilities, granting players spells, weapon techniques, and more. To create a tank build, players will be making use of full plate armor and combining it with other items for the ideal build. The idea is for players to combine the gear they choose to use with the skills they develop in a useful way.

Players can technically max every skill, but the developers expect players to specialize in some way in order to have solid builds.

On an additional note, Mainframe Industries announced a publishing partnership with New Tales Entertainment. More information on this company is available on their official site.

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