Perfect World Entertainment successfully launched the fifth expansion for Perfect World International, its flagship MMORPG with millions of players worldwide. The new expansion titled Descent gives players a new angle in high-end PvP and introduces a whole array of brand new skills that will alter current skill balancing tactics and strategies for all ten character classes.

As the name implies, players will journey from a realm of cloud-like floating islands into hostile territory in an attempt to repel the greatest threat that the Perfect World land has ever known. Additional features in Perfect World International: Descent includes:

Explore New Zones
Teleport into the land of Morai, fight your way through dozens of new quests in dynamic locales, while engaging in new storylines, experiencing refreshing instance mechanics, and taking on spectacular bosses.
Attain New Gear
Experience the exhilarating pursuit of the latest fearsome gear sets and witness the addition of two newly devised equipment attributes built around boosting PvE effectiveness.
Join an Order
Ally yourself with one of three ideologically distinct Orders, which will not only reveal your heart’s intentions, but also determine the elite training and gear you’ll be working towards.
Master New Class Skills
Game-changing, new high-end abilities have been created for all classes, and many existing abilities have been tweaked for balancing purposes.

In celebration of the Descent expansion, players can enter a sweepstakes to win one of two limited edition Perfect World International Barbarian Statuette, Logitech G19 gaming keyboard, and Logitech G400 gaming mouse (USD value of $250). Simply enter by logging into the game at least once per day for ten days between February 7th and February 21st.

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  1. Lol, Cancernerds if you don’t like the game then go whine somwhere else.
    We didn’t ask for your nerd-rage comments.
    The game has been around for a long time so it deserver some honour for being an old game and people still want to play it.
    This was my first mmorpg and it will always be the best, Whatever happens.
    I am a free player and i still have decent gear, so your justing talking shit.
    Play the game or Gtfo and search another where you can go whine……

  2. HAHAHA at first this game was “you can level up to do most pve, but have to pay for pvp competitiveness”. But since they refresh teh pvp maps, what is the point to pay for the gear that you used to win territory if you cannot hold it? So, with sales down, to compensate, they now make you pay to do PvE. “two newly devised equipment attributes built around boosting PvE effectiveness.”. LOL pay pay pay to play play play.


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