Perfect World International’s 12th expansion has arrived, bringing with it the new Homestead System as well as the “Uncharted Paradise,” end-game dungeon. For level 90+ characters this means it’s time to start planning that sweet dream home. There are hundreds of options for players to choose from and customize to their liking. The homesteads aren’t just for looking cool however, as players can use them as an area to trade, craft, and more.

As for the new dungeon, it’s a 10-player, max-level instance that tasks players with making their way through the wasteland of a once prosperous village in order to battle guardians and complete a series of trials. Those who are victorious will earn a variety of items including materials needed to craft Dragonbreath Weapons — the most powerful weapons in the game.

Also included in the update is the introduction of the ability to upgrade Rank 9 Limitless gear to Boundless gear, as well as new fashion, mounts, and flyers.

And, for the Steam fans among you. The game is finally available on the platform. You can grab it from its Steam page now.


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