Perfect World International’s latest content update, Imperial Fury, is slated to launch on May 23rd, and it promises to bring some exciting new additions to Perfect World Entertainment’s flagship title.

The Endless Universe
Most prominent on the list of new content is an expansion for one of the game’s popular high-level dungeons, the Endless Universe. Appropriately titled “Advanced Endless Universe,” this update will find PWI’s mightiest heroes venturing once-again into Morai, this time to stop three evil emperors from executing a plan to capture the Elders of Perfect World.

This new advanced mode will be accessible up to six times per week, and each attempt will result in one of three different variations of the instance to conquer. Each variation is significantly different from the next, though each calls for tremendous amounts of teamwork to successfully complete.

Players will be forced to split up their eight-man squad, each smaller group tackling a different objective in the effort to succeed within a time limit. One instance variation has players rushing to rescue multiple NPCs while the main NPC ally struggles to keep the boss at bay. Another requires that the smaller player-groups kill monsters at the same rate – anything more than a slight variance will result in sudden surge of new monsters appearing to destroy them.

Why would players want to tackle this new challenge as often as possible? Each successful run of the Advanced Endless Universe will award players with a valuable chance box that can be opened to reveal one of many brand new class skills. Players can also choose to sell these chance boxes for a tidy sum. In addition, all prizes from the box are tradable, so clearing this instance promises to be a very profitable,

Lunar Glade and Warsong City – Exclusive Update and More
The Imperial Fury content update will also feature something players have never seen before. In response to players’ enthusiastic requests for more end-game content, two high-level instances, Lunar Glade and Warsong City, will be updated with greater challenges and rewards.

This is the first time Perfect World International players in Western territories will have the chance to experience new content before players in Asia territories. As with The Endless Universe updates, Lunar Glade and Warsong City, will be updated with a new “Hard Mode” for each individual boss.

After slaying one of the instance bosses in Lunar Glade or Warsong City at regular difficulty, players will be asked whether they would like to tackle the “Elite” version. These bosses are much more powerful, and will tear unprepared groups to shreds. However, experienced squads with the courage and determination to face and conquer them will be rewarded with the materials necessary for upgrading what was already some of the most powerful gear in the game. Re-cast Nirvana and Rank 9 armor will gain a significant increase in power once upgraded with these rare and exclusive materials.

Rounding out the content update will be a new high-level Morai questline, as well as a host of UI and functionality improvements. A new round of bug fixes will also be applied to the game client on patch day.


  1. I can already see it…

    People will start to get picky on those new instance modes and once again, aps/rank noobs will be taken over players that actually knows how to play the game…

    So much for those “exciting new additions”, when average players (like myself) won’t even be able to enjoy it, since PWI is turning the players into greedy, picky and clueless idiots.

  2. Ofc theyre gonna focus on making more endgame content! Everyone complaining about new players gettin shafted….open ur eyes and realize how old this game is lol and especially not even counting all the dumb power levelers, most people ARE at endgame so they are just catering to the higher say (completly guessing lol) 90% of the playerbase who are endgame…or damn near. But anyways this content update looks pretty cool…and especially since i bought a new game that came out the 15th but my stupid ass dinosaur computer cant even run it :*( so its back to pwi for a while for me lol.

  3. This game is my first mmo ever played.Back there in the first expansion it was the best game around for free, now it is doomed because of the game breaking items in the cash shop, unbalanced pvp, crappy end game content and in my opnion poor combat and quest system.Avoid this game, if you want to play it, play on a private server.

    • Why play private server? The whole point of the game is to work with others. Private servers has like no players. Ergo it’s not fun.

      • Disagree. Perfect World Vendetta has the best, closes, and more active player community evor. Also, no catshops clogging up the server = less lag, ijs 🙂

        • How about you get a better internet connection or pc and you wont have lag? I max out the game settings and run through west arch at 30 frames per second.

          • I didn’t say anything about framerate, nor did I say I personally suffer from lag. It just stands to reason, less idle accounts logged in = better gaming experience. Hence why most mmos have an auto DC.

            Also, no one cares about your net/PC specs. You’re obviously a child living off your parents, since you clearly don’t understand the value of money.

  4. I applaud the PW devs in China for trying to keep PWI fresh and alive. However, the management team at PWE has created their own downfall. Too many mistakes on the part of GMs and the CM has made a large share of the player base unhappy and they have moved on to other titles. I’m afraid that this update is a case of “too little, too late”. PWE jumped the shark when they released game-breaking items in their cash shop, allowed their own TOS to be violated without punishment, and lack of support from GMs. The only way Perfect World could be revived is to let the current team of GMs and the CM go and let their players know they will step up to the plate and provide legendary gameplay once again. mmoViking gives the update 2 horns up but still advises against sinking money into their cash shop system. I fear their population loss will result in a not so perfect world shutdown.

    • I agree, I tried it and had to constantly stand around waiting for my mana or health to regenerate = total boredom

  5. Typical. the end game addict players get catered to and the rest hit on. underpopulated noob areas, players leaving as the cash shop dominates, pwe only updates its top paying community. Forsaken world client has been crashing over a year an bugs, no admin in game or in forums, the only bug fixed is in the carnaval. PWE only udates the cash shop and cotent that gets you to the cash shop. They keep adding titles for that ah as weell. barf

    • Actually, PWE games are really retarded. When they released the Nightfall expansion for FW, there was a free slow flying mount that you can get for free. I got mine and explored the world with my 20-something character. You can fly really high and you can see that the world ends unexpectedly. Before the expansion you weren’t allowed to travel to higher level areas than yours, after the expansion it was possible, so I used the opportunity to explore the rest of the FW world and I came to the conclusion that the rest of the zones look so familiar to each other, thus no motivation to spend time in the game, level up and explore the rest of the world.

      Perfect World is one big zone, that’s not so big after all and it also looks the same.

    • Are you kidding? Noone does noob areas. Noone does the quests, bh’s, or anything else. Or I should say rarely. Why add content for levels that people aren’t in for more than a week? hell..a bit FC and *boom* you’ve just power levelled 80 levels. Yep..content for anything below 95 really makes sense for this game 😛

    • Have you actually ever played a character from 1 to 100 old fashion style? If so you would know there is a FK load to do for lower lvls. The fact that most ppl hit FCC n want to be power lvl noobs doesnt mean there’s not enough content for the lower lvls. Only in the last two expansions there has been some attention for content for the 100+. So what on earth are you blabbing about?

      • To be fair, I have 6 lvl101+ chars, with only my EGs being power leveled. Reason being for the PLing: I know the game inside and out and I’ll be honest in that there really isn’t much to do before lvl100. Farmining TT gear is quick and painless if you have a decent few friends, fb/bh caves are only really fun the 1st time/unwined, after which its really more of a chore than fun and once you hit 80, its all about the FCs (wasn’t always the case, but lets be fair, quests give little to no xp and zhenning is boring) til you get to 100. After that its getting ya 99s/lunar/nirvy/rank and that’s when the game really starts. PvP = begin and end off all the fun PWI has to offer. That said, PvP is totally pay to win. So, instead, I play private servers, where everyone’s R9 +12 and fully jaded. That way PvP is balanced and fun 🙂


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