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On this side of the pond, Perfect World International is now 7 years old. To celebrate the anniversary of the free to play MMORPG, Perfect World Entertainment will be hosting a number of in game events and log in events. This all follows closely on the heels of the latest Riptide expansion which we chatted with Perfect World Entertainment about here.

On the agenda:

  • Anniversary in-game celebrations: Benefit from Triple XP and Drop weekends while discovering a brand new event, Tsuchun’s Treasure! The Scholarly Challenge and Smoke over Archosaur will also make their comeback until the end of the month.
  • Start earning Event Gold everyday! We’ll be implementing a highly rewarding Daily Quest for Event Gold lovers out here! Make sure to check the news to know how to get your access and how much you can earn.
  • Weekly Sales: From today on, discover news Pearls for your Star Charts and benefit from unprecedented discounts on War Avatar Treasure Boxes, Arcane Sky Boundary Pills, storage items and much more!
  • Charge Promotion: (coming soon!) New bonus items will enter our Charge Program, so that all PWI supporters who decide to invest in us can be extra-rewarded!
  • Spend Promotion: (coming soon!) Doing your shopping will get you much more than you thought. Stay tuned to discover what we have in store for you!
  • Forum Competitions: (coming soon!) We are holding special forum competitions for players who have been with us since 2008! The prizes are exclusive physical gifts and event gold. Keep an eye on the forums for more information!
  • Happy Anniversary!


    1. To be honest, they usually give out free items during the anniversary (fashion and mounts) but not this year. I’m sorry I ever returned. It’s more of a pay-to-win than ever. Drops on the average are far and few in-between. The average sell price of the item to the NPC is 1 coin. Yes, that is it. There is really no viable method to make money in the game without taking months, or making a ton of alts to do one mid-level quest, and if you do try to PvP or do wars for fun? Your clock will be cleaned, continually by those that DO spend thousands of real dollars in the game.

      I love Perfect World, they have an amazing community – but – get real. There is no way to make money in the game, as a character – unless you are 100+ and have good gear. It is pay to win on a mega scale.

    2. Happy grindiversary! Yo dawg I heard you like grind, well we put grind in your grind so you can grind while you grind!

      This game sucks huge dong.


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