UPDATE: Perfect World Entertainment has also announced that Perfect World International will be coming to Steam on April 13, along with the Elysium expansion.

Last month, we learned the Perfect World International would be getting a new expansion with a bunch of new content and features. Today, Perfect World Entertainment has attached a date to all those goodies, declaring that the game’s 12th expansion, Elysium, will go live in a week’s time, on April 13.

Billed as the largest ever content update for the game, the primary new addition that Elysium will bring to PWI is the homestead system, its version of housing. There’s also a new 10-player, max-level instance, Uncharted Paradise, along with weekly cross-server PvP tournaments, upgraded weapons and gear, and new fashion, mounts and flyers.

You can read the release date announcement on the PWI site, which promises “a celebration on the grandest of scales.” Woo, parties!



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