Good news, everyone! Okay, at least it’s good news if you’re heavily invested in the JRPG genre and have been waiting forever for this game like at least one person we know. Phantasy Star Online 2 is just about ready for Closed Beta Testing in the US and Canada — provided you have an Xbox One.

In fact, according to Xbox Wire, you can sign up today. You just need to do so via the Xbox Insider Hub on your Xbox One or Windows 10 device. While there’s no official date for the testing period yet, you won’t have to wait around for an email to find out when it’s happening. Instead, you’ll receive a message via Xbox Live (I’m sure there’ll be emails too, Just in case.)

Instructions on signing up for the test can be found on, about midway down the page.

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    • there is a big following and i would think it do well for a few reasons. 1 being people wants a new mmo and this one is really fun imo. i hope u r wrong too lol.

    • Since it’s gonna be published by SEGA themselves (unlike giving the steering wheel to Playpark in SEA region), means they won’t make any additional retarded purchasable things (for example,SEA had outfits with stats,as well as they’ve cut drop rates in SEA on purpose to force players buy premiums and EX boosters from AC shop).
      Means the game will stay as F2P as it is in Japan rn. Getting meseta in game is easy as hell.. All you’re gonna spend it for are affixes,outfits/layering wear (both of which you purchase from other players via Market) and atomizers (500 meseta)…right…and buff drink in campship if you want it.
      Also, I doubt SEGA delayed plans for game release that much to release it just for few months 😀 It’s not some no brain publisher like Gamigo/Aeria..SEGA is a big bunch of fellas that MADE the game and PUBLUSHED it after all. 🙂

      As for trashbox being first to get first closed beta test registration open…well,guess NA simply has too many nationalists that buy trash american console just ‘cuz it’s american-made. So for MS to prevent the loss of more users to Sony they have to get PSO2 earlier on their console than SONY does (so they had to pay a fortune to SEGA to get it ported to enOxoBX…and, I guess, that might be the reason why they’re holding that testing before other platforms…cuz it’s a fresh port to platform it never appeared earlier on).


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