The closed beta for Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming soon. No, really! We promise!

Well, technically it’s Sega making the promise, and it’s just for the dates of the beta to be announced soon. But considering everything else that’s gone on in the game’s long and non-North American history, it’s something, right?

In a reply to that Tweet, the PSO2 Twitter says that it’s “beyond excited” to bring the game to North America in 2020. What exactly comes “beyond excited”? Overjoyed? Hyperactive? Is there a meter? Is “excited” at 10 and everything else is 11 or higher? If so, Magicman’s probably at least at 14 by now.

If you’re interested, you can still register for the closed beta test by following the instructions on the PSO2 site. You can complete various challenges during the beta to obtain rewards, like this one, this one, or this one. Just remember that it’s all coming soon. Really. Probably.

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  1. People saying that game will flop on west release because it is “dated” graphically…WoW is still around despite looking like garbage, and even a subscription type game. I think that whether it has a good reception or not depends on if the game will include all the collaboration cosmetics from JP and the level of censorship.

  2. Oh boy! I was waiting for this since I was a kid. Yeah eat it. No one cares any more. We’re looking forward to AAA games, not relics of the past.

  3. If it’s not competitive/visually appealing/Twitch material this is how it usually goes now n’ days for MMORPG’s.

    People will check out it. Then nobody will care. Then it will be on a 50/50 of shutting down or sticking around. The end.

  4. Only about 7 years past people caring. Now it’ll be new, with dated appeal. And I don’t even want to know how bad the premium stuff will be. (At least JP isn’t pay2win, though it is slightly pay2rngesus.)


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