The Hamburg-based developer Splitscreen Studios can look back at a tremendous success story with the 3D outer space adventure Pirate Galaxy. Just a few weeks after the launch, the free browser MMO about lawless space pirates was honoured as Browser Game of the Year 2009 in the categories Action and Best Presentation, and Splitscreen Studios received the Förderpreis des Deutschen Entwicklerpreises (Sponsorship Award of the German Developers’ Award) 2009. Now, Pirate Galaxy is celebrating its second birthday and the game’s popularity continues uninterrupted.

Just in time for the long Easter weekend, special missions in all six star systems will be unlocked on 23 April 2011 as a thank you for loyal users. In one of those special missions, players can look forward to a thrilling boss fight that demands solidarity and team play. If the mission is completed successfully, the brave outer space warriors will receive one of six rare and unique ships as a reward. The Easter event will run for a total of two weeks – time enough to explore every corner of space. In the Cash Shop, there are also two new weapon effects, which transform the normal blaster into an effective confetti or pie cannon for three hours.

In addition, there will soon be an extensive update at Pirate Galaxy. Users can expect a new conquest system with a new resource – the mineral graviton – plus a new clan alliance system with its own chat and lots of new missions in every star system.


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