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About the game:
Title: Pirate Galaxy
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: Shooter Type: Browser
Developer: Splitscreen
Publisher: Splitscreen

Pirate Galaxy is a free-to-play 3D science fiction browser MMO game with fast-paced tactical spaceship combats, high definition landscapes and stunning visual effects. You can equip and modify starships to your individual taste and explore the vast game universe with hundreds of stars and planets. Pirate Galaxy can be played directly from your web browser. You don’t need to install a client (although you can if you want to).

Explosive Features:

  • Optional PvP.
  • Great 3D graphics.
  • Plenty of missions.

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System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
This game is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

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  1. Browser based – not. You have to download a client which defeats the point of saying it’s browser based. If you’re firewalled and account restricted, you can’t install a game client.

  2. The developers of this game promotes and protects people that are constantly ruining others fun, to the point of simply being a decent human being can be a crime. I do not recommend others to start playing this game at this time

  3. So yea, I had to download a launcher, it didnt work…
    I wont leasve a crud review though because the talk says the game is good, but that kinda sucks I have to download a launcher..

  4. i started playing the game in august 2010 but i quite last year because of tau ceti :/, these new systems are just getting worse and worse. But i left my account at lvl 85 in the clan The Few the Proud in the server solaria. I had a almost full sirius ancient tech drac sniper. Wanted a myst but we didnt find it until i was in vacation… so i didnt get it :/ But yea its been 1 years sense ive played. BTW this game starts to suck after Draconis

    • start from there that game is nice to play.I have the name “quantum.” name on solaria. contact me maybe we do a trade or something

  5. Been playing for almost 2 years, and this game is great. You guys should play it 😛
    My name is Dynasty889 on the Askone server.

  6. Black Prophecy is all done thats why they came out with Nexxus conflict..as for Pirate Galaxy the game surpasses Dark Orbit for free games to play and plenty of help out there if you need it..this game you CHOOSE whether you kill mantis and/or player. PVP PVE I choose PVE…give it a shot nothing to lose it is free…Im lvl 85 Askone

  7. Its truely a great game. I reccomend not podding noobs otherwise you end up like me 5 year ban third offence…so other than that its great XxSlickSlayerxX Solaria

  8. doesn’t support Mac OSX or Linux.
    i had hopes for this game, that there might be a browser based game that would be decent to play.

  9. Good game till the patch came and all my friends and enemies left lol. now i just drift in space after having completed the current patch. nothing left to but rot….in space……alone. (blows brains out).

  10. Very nice game! I`m playing in 2 months time)) Who can say how correctly complete the “project detonation” mission on technatoria(gemini)? I`m trying with storm ship, but I can`t complete it(

  11. this game is awesome it is a good game so far i have been playing for about 3 weeks unless i cant go on im on pirate galaxy its very fun my pilot name is my name for this im only a noob really but really good game i play on solaria server.

  12. Iv played this game for 2 years or more now you guys must have a look at it , you start with a basic setup and hafto do a few tutorial missions but then the pirate galaxy world opens up , Great game PvP battles clan wars (Check out my clan on the game xxSxPxLxx ) my pilot name on the game is Drifter88 and i play on the solaria server ,

    Best free online game EVER , (if you love space games n shooting stuff)

  13. Very nice game! The graphics are brilliant for an online game, the game-play is nice (easy controls, plenty of things to keep you occupied, game is perfectly balanced so that paying players don’t get any advantages in PvP). If you’re looking for a great browser game, this is it. Splitscreen makes great browser games, so make sure you try out their other games as well, since they are brilliant too.


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