Well for some at least….

This morning John Smedley, the President of Sony Online Entertainment, tweeted that the beta was indeed a go for release today, stating “beta at 2pm. Flagging has started. This is for current PS1 subscribers and All Access members. PS1 vets later.”

The flagging is currently only being done to accounts that are current active Planetside 1 subscribers and those that purchased an all access Sony pass. It has been reported that inactive PS1 players will be getting invites in the second wave and those that have not played PS1 and simply signed up for the beta will come “shortly after” based on demands.

Smedley also confirmed that there would be a Steam version of Planetside 2 come release, stating in a tweet “Planetside 2 will be on Steam. Yes it will”.

You can check out the official Planetside 2 site here http://www.planetside2.com/ for more information.

We are incredibly excited for Planetside 2 here at MMOBomb. What gets you most excited about Planetside 2?

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    • Go and apply on the Planetside 2 website. it’s closer than two weeks, or even 1 week providing no unexpected tech issues arise.

  1. Really looking to play this game. Does anybody know how early that I will get beta access with a key that I got from a PC Gamer magazine?

    • They have stated that all the Planetside 1 Vets have already got access, myself being one of them.

      Next up are the PC gamer and Planetside 2 Event keys.

      Then the other beta keys from twitter, facebook, or application on the main page, etc,etc…

  2. Why do people think that Alpha and Beta are just passes to get into the game early? News flash, it’s a testing period. The game in Alpha and Beta is often no where NEAR ready for launch. You’re their for one reason, to find all the little bugs and glitches and report them. If you’re in Alpha and/or Closed Beta you have no right to b*#ch and moan about glitches and bugs. It doesn’t mater if they aren’t fixing the bugs fast enough to please you. If you want a more polished game, wait until launch. If it’s still super buggy and glitch at that time, THEN you have a right to complain about it.

    • You tell em!!

      I’m a current player since the start of the tech testing, and loving every minute they let us play.

      The bugs should simply be reported then ignored, stop the damn wining like babies and give the poor Dev’s a break, they were up until 3am last night trying to get things ready before the bosses said go home and get some sleep.

    • ACTUALLY; Most games never see full realease and remain in an open beta stage. And ALMOST 99% of the time that is just to protect the precious cash shop failures like “oops we ate your money and no item in mail, to bad, its OB” – OR if it is full release, like Runes of Magic, AVA, and infinate other titles, the bugs from OB and sometimes even CB are still there. REALLY, the only difference is usually tweaks in cash shop and superficial BS. Hell, I can still drop to the bottom of the map in a Close Beta WoW glitch…so, mam; your argument is invalide and all the trolls supporting you here in reply have fapped to your forum image.

  3. i dont like how they are doing the beta, i have my key but i cant play which kinda sucks i dont wanna have to wait another month to finally get to play beta

  4. Now hopefully my PSU that I’ve sent in for the warranty replacement comes back very soon. Can’t wait to log back in and play with my friends.

      there’s this thing called the NDA.
      But I guess you’re too busy complaining to even follow it.

  5. I really hope ur right and im one of those lucky fellows that get to enjoy the game to its fullest believe me man i sure hope its possible but i mean i fortunatly have a back up if this game fails…. fire fall 😀

  6. I feel you man, Trust me. I pretty much obsessed over this game, and yes, they put a new patch. it changed nothing. I was so excited for the patch too. It does work. Who knows though. You could be on of those lucky people that post and say, ” Hi guys. I dont see what bugs you guys are talking about” You COULD be one of those 20% of players. Good Luck.

    • There were obvious bugs when I played the E3 build but I didnt see anything that would keep me from enjoying the game during beta up until release.

      • In all fairness to tidycatt666 the game was put infront of a live audience and i believe it was put infront of only a tiny section of the map which mostlikely was workign the best. well thats wat i would do (sorry just playing devils advocate :D) but if u are right spunkifty then happy days get to enjoy the game to its fullest

  7. I would be inclined to believe you there but, Sony hasnt fixed any of the bugs the entire time Ive been in testing. One..game breaking bug hasnt been addressed since it was found out and they are going to open this crap up to more players????? really?? You fix nothing nothing players a telling you that is wrong with the game then yiou open it up for more players to get jaded. No, Im not standing behind well, its Alpha defense, cuz Sony doesnt give a Crap.

    • I hope ur wrong mate i been really looking forward to this game (even though its SOE) i just love the idea of this game i hope it works and i heard they put up a new patch for the game but idk maybe im wrong and idk wat im talking about :/ i guess i will see when i get into the beta

    • Great, more ungrateful fags whine about about Alpha build. It’s not release idiot. Its called CLOSED beta for a reason. To keep out dumbasses like you. there are people craving to get in while you are here, bitching along with others. Grow up.

    • There is still SO much content to be put into the game before the fixes start. If you build motorcycles you dont start fixing the bike before youre even done building it.
      They need to have most if not all of the mechanics in place before fixes can begin. The result of a new mechanic or new content itself can fix some of the issues. If your major game breaking issues are still there by OPEN beta, THEN its time to complain. You must expect major issues in alpha and closed beta though. Some issues just cant be addressed until certain mechanics and content are implemented.

  8. Ive been in this for awhile now, Buggy, unplayable piece of garbage. Sony NEEDS to step the freak up and fix the client or this game will fail hard.

    • If u have been in it for a while u would understand that its called an Alpha test which means its full of buggs but that is exactly wat a beta is for to root out the bugs so dont drop it off yet

    • If you’re even in the Alpha or Tech Test, you are suppose to help test and give feedback, not whine and bitch. Why did they even invite idiots like you? No one is asking for you to play. You need to step down and calm your anus, or I will shove a grenade in there hard.

    • Because Betas and Alphas are just early releases of a game right?

      Companies don’t use them to have players help them find and fix bugs right?

        • as in lemme help clarify to ppl a alpha and closed beta are to find and help fix bugs while a open beta or official release is the beginning to give out the newly finished game without after ppl tested it

          • and depends on what the company does about it if you want to complain launch a complaint at the company but this game is flashy and all seen many game like that the real effort is if the company works to better the game

  9. First off crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy excited please get some beta keys if u can im dying 2 play this game 😀

    2nd i wanna get into one of those epic 1000v1000v1000 battles where all hell breaks lose! 😛
    hope mmobomb wants 2 create a clan or something get the whole mmobomb group going in taking points :O!


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