Following a lengthy beta and 30 months of action on PC, PlanetSide 2 has finally gone live on PlayStation 4. Daybreak Game Company’s massive open-world shooter is free-to-play on the PS4 — no PlayStation Plus membership required — with an optional $14.99/month membership that includes increased XP/certification/resource gains, monthly Battle Cash, and access to special double XP weekends, discounts, and priority login access.

The Daybreak dev team won’t be resting on its accomplishments for too long, though. In an interview with Polygon, Director of Development Andy Sides said:

“Once we get PS4 done, we’re going to start working on Xbox One work. We would love to do it all at once, but we want to get PS4 out first.”

Of course, PS2 on XB1 will require an Xbox Gold account, so it’ll only be nominally free-to-play, but that’s the best the team can do.

Have you tried PlanetSide 2 on PlayStation 4 yet? Let us know how it plays!

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  1. Theres nothing pay to win about planetside2. Everythingto do with stats can be earnt in game.

    Yer you can buy guns but you can earn them easily with out ever paying a single cent.

    Pay for ease of access..YES. pay for cosmetics….YES…..but pay to win?…NO.

    Please learn of what you speak before spouting your dribble.


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