Daybreak Game Company (via Rogue Planet Games) is pulling out the big guns, literally, for the next PlanetSide 2 update. Titled “Escalation,” the new update is currently live on the test server and will come to the main game on Feb. 19. When it does, soldiers will have some huge options at their disposal, including the biggest vehicle seen in the game yet.

The key to it all is War Assets, which outfits gain by capturing bases. Outfit leaders can then spend these Assets in a number of ways. They can deploy a Citadel Shield, a huge projectile-blocking energy barrier to defend a base; or airdrop a ground vehicle into combat; or even call down an orbital strike, which sounds like it was lifted straight out of PlanetSide Arena.

Maybe the most impressive thing they can do, however, is bring a Bastion Fleet Carrier into play. These massive ships can bring down enemies at long range and serve as an air vehicle spawn point for the outfit. They’re tough, too, requiring a coordinated effort and precision targeting of weak spots to bring down. Fortunately, each faction can only deploy one at a time, so you don’t have to worry about them filling the skies.

Other outfit-based content coming in this update include the monthly competition Outfit Wars and personal progression for outfit members in the form of Outfit Loyalty. Finally, if you get tired of shooting the other side and just want to hang out together, there’s a new social hub, Sanctuary. Just make sure to check your grenades at the door.


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