Path of Exile‘s Harvest League goes live today on PC in just a few hours, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions activating next week. In this league you’ll aid a new NPC named Oshabi and tend to a garden in which you’ll grow not vegetables but ferocious beasts for you to slay. Doing so nets you a resource you can use to make better gear and continue the neverending cycle of killing that defines an ARPG.

Some of the “farms” you can create look pretty neat in their own right, and we got a chance to preview them in a piece from a few weeks ago. In addition to the new league mechanics, Harvest also brings changes to Warcry, Brand, and Slam skills, tweaks to the passive skill tree, improvements to 50 unique items (and 12 new ones), and also integrates the Delirium content into the main game.

Path of Exile: Harvest goes live today for PC at 1 p.m. Pacific/4 p.m. Eastern. Get all the info you need to prepare for the launch on the Path of Exile site.

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