The militaristic combat flight simulator War Thunder has received its latest update which raises the games graphics and historical authenticity to new heights. Update 1.29 overhauls several key features starting with War Thunder’s damage model which was significantly improved through the addition of 10 new parts and adjustments to ammo types for all weapons. Damage from bombs, rockets and torpedoes was also tweaked to bring them more in line with their real-life counterparts. Now it won’t be as easy to blow up several targets with one bomb.

War Thunder’s already impressively detailed aircraft are also getting some graphical and sound upgrades. Players should notice the addition of smaller graphical fixes and animation details ranging from better air brake animations, improved distant land drawing, new airfields, improved shell collision effects, pilot shadows, and even the addition of an animation for the plane’s radiator. Now that is some dedication to detail.

New flight models were added for numerous planes along with brand new bomber additions for Japan, United States, Germany, and the Soviet Union. The award for best new aircraft though, has to go to the Great Britain Meteor MK. 8 jet fighter. That is one sexy jet.

The game’s interface has been tweaked and its login, hangar, loading screens, and economy model have all been reworked as well.

You can watch the update trailer above for more details or view the full changelog here.

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    • Well, i Play it since the early closed beta and for me it always is increasing in Players. i am using all Servers to Play.

      economy Problems i dont see at all. it is much better now, most planes almost cost 30% less.

      and it is still the best MMO WW2 Flight sim today.
      if u look at World of Warplanes u see how much better War Thunder is XD

        • Lol. if u play it on arcade yes it is….try to play with real flightstick and on hardest settings. its pretty much the same as other flight “sims”. And btw there is only one real flight sim out atm and i bet 90%of the ppl never heard anythig about it. it is boring as hell


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