Things have gotten a bit wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey in Destiny 2. The new update launched today and a big focus of Season of Dawn is protecting the timeline from the Cabal Psion Flayers — now that, you know, you’ve defeated the Vex Invasion. This isn’t just staying in one place (or time) to get the job done either. Players are going to need to travel through time to save a hero. They’ll also need to defend the Sundial in a new 6-player activity.

Aside from adding time-related shenanigans to the game, Season of Dawn makes a serious amount of changes to different gameplay systems and mechanics. Combat systems get a few tweaks related to improving the keyboard and mouse experience. The patch notes also contain a rather large laundry list of changes made to class abilities, weapons, armor, reward systems, and more.

For those playing through Steam, the update also adds additional support for the Steam and Switch controllers, as well as other improvements. Patch notes are available on the Bungie site.

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