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It’s that time again! It’s time to remind all of you to check your accounts and make sure you’ve got them tightened down. Passwords, dual authentication..all of that.

Today’s PSA-style warning is prompted by some recent Revelation Online account breeches. Some of them resulting in charges reportedly as large as $3000.

One more documented case involves streamer Jewel who had her account compromised and over $600 charged to the PayPal account associated with it.

We contacted to ask about these reports and they’ve told us they’re taking the matter “very seriously”, stating:

“We are happy with the success of Revelation Online and have welcomed an incredible amount of new players and newly created accounts. The increase of reported compromised accounts is not due to a wide breach of security. Account security is one of our highest priorities. The game and its economy are highly important for any new MMO, but for ill-willed people, it’s unfortunately not hard to get lists of e-mail and password combinations from less protected sources. They test those lists of combinations on any new MMO that makes a splash and in many cases that has been the cause for personal misfortune. On our end, we do try to chase these accounts and close them as soon as we can. For the charge back and actual refunds, we are forced to ask affected players to contact their payment providers as soon as possible.”

So, basically, double-check and make sure you’re not reusing account information you use on another site because you’re gonna have to go fuss as your bank and explain to them why you want those Aurums turned back into real-world currency.

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  1. Just don’t have payment info saved on your God damn accounts on the website, that’s what you get for being too lazy to manually input your shit everytime


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