Forbes is reporting that Sega has announced their intent to release a console version of Phantasy Star Online 2 on the PS4 in 2016. The free to play MMORPG has been available on the PC, PS Vita, and mobile platforms for quite some time now in the East.

What’s missing from the announcement? You guessed it. There’s no mention on a PC or PS4 release coming to the West at all. While you can technically play the game through other areas of the world (using an English patch or the SEA version’s English availability), an official Western release seems no closer than it was back in 2013 when the Western released was “delayed indefinitely.”

We’ll have to wait and see if the Tokyo Game Show reveals any details on a Western release as a playable version of the PS4 client is planned to be available at the event.

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  1. I hate Sega so passionately by now that I hope this release puts the final nail in the coffin for them in the modern market. PSO on the dreamcast was absolutely my favorite mmo of all time, it finally receives a worthy sequel and they won’t release it in the west despite the fact that they have probably more loyal fans here than anywhere else on the planet. It’s possibly the biggest FU i’ve seen any dev issue to their fans in gaming history. They deserve to lose it all.

  2. What a surprise–Sega still hasn’t gotten off their ass to get a western release going. At this point it is more to witness the world’s end than see this game ever get a proper frelling english version. Proper trash.

  3. Ps4’s install base is huge. If ever there was a time for a western release to be announced this would be it. I could understand why Sega wouldnt want to gamble on a pc or especially a vita release but with the ps4 version there is 100% no reason not to finally bring it over.

  4. Again, hope it doesn’t show up on western shores. Ever.

    And why would the TGS have anything about a WESTERN release? I’d think a Pax or E3 would cover something like that, because that whole ‘targeted audience’ thing.

    • I’ve been playing it for like forever and I enjoy the game every time an English patch comes up. Hoping for a fine game to not cross over makes me think how you see things. Its free, so why not play, even you can play this right now. Not your thing? cool, the rest of what you said can burn in hell.

    • Again, hope it doesn’t show up on western shores because I’m filthy weebtrash who hates english and only watches animu in authentic glorious nippon language.

      And why would anyone want this game in english? Glorious nippon is best and only country and I want a big titted animu waifu and pocky and roomfuls of lolicon PVC figurines because I’m a basement-dwelling weeb $hitter.

      • Not sure who used my name, but cute. Real cute.

        I have better reasons than that to not want to see it overseas, like them IP banning on the JP servers again and having to grind through all the content again- when and if we ever even get said content. Past experiences with PSU say not to get those hopes up.

  5. While i understand you guys want to keep the people that visit this site informed about mmos youre wasting your resources on a game that almost noone wants to hear about due to its unavailability on the west.In my opinion its better to post news on its release date(IF it gets released).

  6. Yeah I have pretty much lost interest in waiting for this to ever get released in the west I just don’t see Sega doing it.

  7. As I said Many times before PSO2 can burn in the farthest and deepest pits of hell, I don’t want to hear anything about it unless if it’s coming to the west.


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