PUBG Battlegrounds' Next Patch Adds Extra-Large Backpack And Spotter Scope To Mark Targets

New punk-flavored season and fifth anniversary celebration announced.

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PUBG Spotter Scope

PUBG: Battlegrounds Patch 16.2 goes live for PC players next Wednesday, March 16, and for console players a week after that, but Krafton has graciously supplied us with patch notes today. You're totally going to forget them by the time the content goes live, but at least it gives you something to look forward to, right?

More storage capacity is at the top of every PUBG player's wish list, so the addition of the Tactical Pack is a welcome addition. This extra-large backpack takes the place of your primary weapon and has enough space for -- among other things -- four mountain bikes. About the only thing it can't hold is another Tactical Pack, because that would be silly.

Another new piece of gear in 16.2 is the Spotter Scope, a set of binoculars that zooms up to 4x and allows you to mark enemy players and drones for you and your allies to target. You can mark as many targets as you like, but the marks vanish after not being observed with the Scope for seven seconds.

If you'd like a chance to test your skills, and your hearing, before heading out, you can check out the new Aim/Sound Lab, which gives you targets to put holes in and random gunshots you can try to identify.

Other additions coming in this patch include fifth anniversary decorations in Erangel and Taego, which will be covered in more detail later, and changes to item spawn rates. Finally, there's a new "Punk Wave" Survivor Pass, which will let you trick out your avatar in outfits that look like they belong on the dance floor of a 1980s electro-synth-pop club. Rock on!

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