PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Update 25.1 Includes Aston Martin Collaboration, Revamped Miramir, And The Dragunov

This update is now available on the PC Test Server and scheduled for release on PC and consoles soon.

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PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS' Update 25.1 includes a collaboration with Aston Martin and a revamped Miramar map. This battle royale update is now available on the PC Test Server, and it's scheduled for release on PC come August 9 and consoles on August 17.

The Aston Martin collaboration features three exclusive special vehicle skins. Players who acquire the Aston Martin skin gain access to an exclusive Aston Martin container located in the starting areas of various maps, too. These containers can be utilized in Normal Match, Ranked, Casual Mode, and Custom Match - Normal Match, for a two-month duration.

Miramar undergoes a transformation with notable updates. Partona, a vibrant circular village, replaces Los Higos, while The Resort, an abandoned haven with sweeping views of the southern seascape, takes over a different spot of the map. The Truck Stop now stands where the Junkyard area was as well, offering a different battle experience. Also, the Red Zone is replaced by the intense Sandstorm, and the introduction of the Zipline feature facilitates quicker map traversal.

Besides the above, a new weapon has been added: the Dragunov. This powerhouse weapon, armed with 7.62mm ammunition, delivers substantial damage ranging from 58 to 73. There is however substantial recoil and slower firing rate. The Dragunov is available as a world spawn across all maps and modes, excluding Bluebomb Rush mode.

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