The Aurora World has launched its open beta. As with many Free-to-Play MMOs, The Aurora World will also be holding special events and giveaways to celebrate the transition into open beta. Notably giving out hordes of purple loot along with rewarding those who are the fastest in obtaining said amounts of purple loot.

Players who reach level 25 and complete a specific daily quest will be rewarded with a level 30 purple weapon for their respective class. Additionally, if you happened to play in the closed beta and reached level 15 you will also be rewarded with a level 15 purple weapons as well as gold luck coins and other prizes. All of this combined leads up to the Lucky Looter event which awards some of the first players to obtain multiple epics with some Razer gear including headsets, mechanical keyboards, and gaming mice.

While The Aurora World is by no means a nex-gen MMORPG, it certainly doesn’t take itself too seriously with players being able own and ride Maijin pets that ranged from flying drums, a Santa Mount, and a soccer obsessed cartoon Tiger who turns into a rideable soccer ball. They even have a Mario-Kart styled mini game where 200 players race around a map as random animals while picking up powerups to mess with opponents. Overall the game almost had a “Blizzard” like charm to it.

You can find out more details concerning the open beta and the giveaways by visiting the official site here.

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  1. Not sure what i think of this. It’s not a bad game but it feels very uninspired and mechanical. I am reluctant to call a game generic because there is no real set standard for how I believe it should play but I seriously feel like i’ve been here before when i play this games and it doesn’t seem to have any prominent features that make me want to play it for more than 30 minutes at a time. It’s got nice art direction that obviously borrows from both eastern and western games but otherwise it is rather bland.

  2. Actually i advise you get past lvl 10 then judge the game im lvl 29 and still going and its actually a really amazing game. the community is awsome and freindly, there arent many little annoyances..just because the game has dated graphics doesnt mean it sucks automatically. This game has a mixture of both eastern and western cultures and idk i cant describe it..its just really fun if you look past the graphics. Aurora World has a charm and quality that makes it not really need eye melting graphics..i mean shit…tera has amazing graphics yes but ive heard that there really isnt too much end game to do other than pvp… on this game you can constantly develop your character and you will never run out of shit to do. Im not gonna lie when i first saw this game i was like LOL wow wtf but then i played it for 5 mins and was like uninstalling…but for some reason i was bored af, gave it a shot and started to enjoy it. plenty of stuff to do and its a great game honestly. All around 5 star mmorpg other than graphics. I mean it reminds me of pokemon cause of the manjiin and youre manjiin is wayyy more than just a pet it does A LOT of stuff and you can have a pet AND a manjiin and if youre a with you can have your summon/pet/manjiin. so much to this game, i like it i like it.

  3. Funny thing everyone has forgotten that a good game isn’t made from just amazing graphics.It’s about story,character development,gameplay,etc. Whenever a new game comes out for the pc,if it doesn’t melt your eyeballs with joy right away its labeled as a bad game.Granted,some games coming out do have the tedious,boring feel to them.But not cause of the looks,but the gameplay.

    The biggest example is Minecraft,and will always be Minecraft.It’s not visually breathtaking,but it’s one of the best selling PC games out there,and it was equally successful on 360 as well.I will always say “No matter the graphics,give the game a shot if it looks fun”,and I do.

  4. this game is fine not that good but ok i was boored in just 2-3 hrs the majin (pet sort of) system looks
    nice but i find the game play booring :/ still goona wait for a better game

  5. Well.. Boring game people said, really it is: just mix : Fw, WoW, PW, and 4Story, its easy, a beautiful game, but.. if you want ACTION, play dragon nest *o*

  6. The game is nothing special , has some cool things in it such as the majinn pet system that when they lvl up to 20 you can mount them but other than that same old grind mmo…. I can say this the people running this game is not taking such care and concern to listen to the players in closed beta and im sure will neglect you guys in obt as well I made it to lvl 30 before i wanted to kill my self…. the second job is not till lvl 40 and thats just stoooopid long grind to see if you actually like being a healer in the game or a tank …. But to each their own give it a try it might hold your attention for a short while 🙁

  7. FW combined with WoW?

    either way, I haven’t tried the game yet, but from many reviews, many says the interface and control systems are glitchy and hard to use.

    • I am going to write what everyone think when they see what you wrote right there ! No respect for the community and for the people that work to give us the info and news on free-to-play games ! Shame on you… Get a life…Don’t be Hatin’… Be lovin’… Troll ! (this message is sponsored by the “what the fck is your problem community” thank you, Come again)

  8. The fact that most here dont accept a “different” opinion than theirs saddens me as i see above ONE person said a good thing about the game and 2 people replied to him with lets say nothing logical or supportive which is to be expecting.The reason that u dont like this is simply cause games like planetside gw2 warframe tera POE are out.Meaning your expectations are more and u ask for something more with better graphics combat system and so on and so on.The game is good actually u guys just expect too much cause i bet most of u played at least one(if not more) of the games i’ve mentioned above.Ofc those games mentioned above aint the only good games but i just brought an example.You expect more which is why u say this game is bad or not 2013 or whatever.If u look back at what we were all playin(mario.pokemon and w/e else)and look now u can ofc say todays games are a lot better than of what u played back then.Anyways i think u got my point and if u think of sayin something similar like “u a troll” then keep it for yourself cause honestly i dont give a single f….k what u think about me

    • Well you have good point in the fact that we do expect more from games now especially since the games comming out atm are quite polished..

      However what i think they meant by just another of “those games” is the fact that nearly all of them is exactly the same ofcourse this game might have something interesting in it.. and then again it might just be a clone of some of the 100 other games out there today..

      I actully went in and read up on the game and i can honestly say nothing in the game or content wise interested me however im sure that low end machines and systems with not that high expectations might find the game enjoyible.

      other the that i think all people should have there right to there honest opinion and that even critisism is needed to make a true story ZhaoYun.

  9. i love how the quotes talk only about their pet system and nothing else i gues mmobomb and all other couldnt find anything better

  10. another asian game clone sent to our shores.

    any game with automove, auto pot, auto hunt, and a rest area to get auto exp is a grinding, botting, level to win bore fest that takes no skill just time and a computer.

    they take the adventure and fun away from the game by lettting it play itself and lack of story to the game that’s original and fresh.

    this will be another fail game.

  11. Probably the best game 2013 ^.^ Why is every game that comes out right now so damn boring or so bad? I don’t remember any game the last months that were decent or playable for a longer time.


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