Put On Your Snowsuit, The Kvaris Region Is Finally Available In Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis

The game’s largest update so far launched today.

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Phantasy Star Online 2 Frozen Resolution Launch

After all the teasing, Phantasy Star Online New Genesis’s Frozen Resolution update has arrived. The game’s largest update so far, it introduces the frosty Kvaris region to the game and continues the main storyline. Of course, this also means a new level cap – to 60 – as well as other new content.

To get to Kvaris, players will need to have completed the main story quest “A Happy Ending” and be at least level 33 with a Battle Power level of 1813. Those who attempt to enter the region at a lower level will likely end up disappointed as the mobs in this region are level 37 or higher. Players who might be a bit behind will have a little help hitting this mark. The developers have added tasks that provide extra XP for faster leveling. Once in Kvaris, there are also more than 50 side tasks players can complete to help with leveling as well.

Kvaris is also where players will find Rayjord Gorge, an Exploration Sector with a freeze mechanic that will cause damage to players over time. Players will need to use Region Mags to help boost their resistance, along with food buffs obtained from Kvaris gathering items. NPCs and drops can provide useful boost items as well.

Of course, there are new enemies, including the boss enemy Crocodylis. Beware of being bombarded by the exploding objects he can throw. The good news is that players can throw the bombs back using the new Throw Action.

And, as always, a new update means new items, such as the introduction of a new 6-star weapon series. Details on this and the rest of the update are available in the game’s latest patch notes.

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