Open Beta is usually a very happy time for both developer and fans. New players, who may not have been able to access the game’s closed beta finally get to jump in and developers start to see their hard work paying off. Unfortunately, this was not the case with the recent open beta launch of Ragnarok Online 2.

Upon release into open beta yesterday, the RO2 servers where slammed and barely anyone could actually login which caused a massive influx of players venturing to the game’s website in search of answers, promptly causing the website and its forums to crash repeatedly. Because of this Asiasoft, the publishers behind the English version of RO2, decided today to postpone the open beta till January 3rd.

The push-back decision was made to ensure all issues were resolved before the game proceeds any further and to prevent any further disappointment. Unfortunately for gamers who did get to start playing before the server crashes, Asiasoft has also decided to reset all character data in order to be fair to the majority of players who were unable to access the game servers at all.

The Chairman of Asiasoft, Sherman Tan, has written a personal letter of apology to eager fans on the official Ragnarok Online 2 Facebook fan page. It will be interesting to see players reactions since the game is still technically in beta which means players should expect beta issues, but with Open Beta usually marking the official launch of a title as well, players have begun to expect more stability at this stage. What are your thoughts on the current RO2 situation?

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  1. Looks like us Americans and Europeans will have to play the PS Vita ragnarok odyssey until we get a change to play a new gen ragnarok game.

  2. Fun fact boys and girls–Asiasoft just announced, 18 hours before open beta I may add, that they’re IP banning pretty much the entire world.

    Apparently this “just came up”..are you f** kidding me? They didn’t have the decency to tell anyone until open beta that they’d be IP blocked? This is just low..absolute scum. Do yourselves a favor; dislike playpark’s facebook page and dislike RO2’s page. Let them know how much you enjoy being toyed with. Let them know how much you dislike being lead on, allowed to test for bugs, stress test and all..only to then be blocked from ever playing the actual game. Send them a message that people do not like being used.

    • They never said that they will IP block anyone! Anyone from anywhere from the World can play the game but they can’t buy anything from the cash shop, they won’t get any support and the Devs (or anyone else) won’t take responsibility about ex. latency issues etc.

  3. actually asiasoft broke the game with long skill CD . GREEDY. They even changed some skills . LAME company , And most of all , the comment above ^^ .



    Dear Asgardians,

    We are happy to announce that OBT will start tomorrow, 3rd January 2013, at 1300 HRS (+8 GMT)! That is less than 19 hours from now!

    However, it’s with our deepest apologies that we announce we will not be able to provide the RO2 game service to players outside of our optimised countries – Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam – due to our licence agreement with the game’s developer, Gravity Co., Ltd.

    These aforementioned licence terms will take full effect from the start of OBT tomorrow and we deeply apologise for any inconvenience caused to players. We are extremely grateful for the support you have shown RO2 so far and we thank you again for being a part of this journey. Thank you all!

    • Pretty amusing that they had no problem with allowing people from outside their “optimised countries” in their stress tests, or accepting their cash.
      Truth be told, was only going to try RO2 because I played RO1 for years (let’s face it, RO2 didn’t seem any different from all the other anime styled f2ps out there), but after all this? Hah, not a chance.

      Almost makes me feel sorry for the countries that are stuck with such a bad company for the game.


  5. I wish I could find a fricken official website?? When all they have is a official FaceBook page I get worried… Unless im missing something lol

  6. i played RO1 and it was SUCH a grindfest they tol me to grind at the TUTORIAL what the hell? if i want to bore myself to death i just play a browser mmo i know it was a classic and you guys grew up with but seriously if RO2 is has the same grind as RO1 it wouldnt be so succesful anymore cause RO1 was released at the time when there barely werent any mmo’s

    • Clearly you forget all the games PWE runs..Perfect World International being the biggest culprit of grind. Yet it is still running and far from dead. There are tons of people out there tolerant toward grind (and some even like it).

      Many people are probably going to give it a shot since they’re nostalgic, having good memories of the first game (myself included). So really your argument about grind=unsuccessful is quite unfounded.

  7. I don t think this game worth to be tryed by us,in many things this game is on same way with other games like Asura Force online or Eden Ethernal,etc.I`m saying this cus when i seen the video of this game,in my head i sayed another crap game.Soo if they realy want to come with something on 013 they would try to be more RO1 then this crap RO2.This is my opinion,everyone have something to say.Thank You!

  8. Pretty much just seems like just another usual 3D MMORPG but with a RO coat of paint to draw in people who play(ed) the original to get more people drawn to it. I lost my hype years ago when it failed so bad the first try they shut it down to completely remake it or something like that, and I guess this is the result. When things calm down though I’ll probably try either way.

  9. This kind of thing is normal on a new game / new expansion release.

    I remember all the World of Warcraft expansion release days. The login server was packed. No one could enter for the expansions event.

    Aion, same thing. All the server gone down for days.

    All the over hyped games have server issues on release….

    Don’t know about Guild Wars 2 and Tera since i don’t have them :S

  10. well i do think its awesome that they noticed their “mistakes” and postponed the release date. They do this for us so we can have good gaming environment.

  11. to me, would be great if RO2 would stick to their 2.5 MMORPG style.
    that’s that cause all the loves from all over the world back in the days.

    RO2 with 3D MMORPG doesn’t feel unique anymore. Too many generics & such.


  13. I thought about giving this game a try. Loved RO 1, however that was back in the day where there wasn’t such games that had movement while in combat, using skills, attacking, etc.

    I’ve searched around for video’s but just couldn’t find any that showed any gameplay of people moving around during combat, and now a days, it’s almost common sense, and knowledge, to let people move around while fighting, even if it doesn’t do anything for you due to auto attacks and such. It’s just what keeps battle entertaining, at least from my perspective. It’s difficult to play any games that you literally are just sitting there, watching them attack. It’s a little boring.

    Loved RO 1, and Love Ragnarok Odyssey for my PSVita, hopefully one day they’ll make the PSVita’s Ragnarok Odyssey for PC. That is a terrific game, at least a good supplement until Sony throws a new Monster Hunter towards the Handhelds. (North America Of Course).

    Seeing how I have found any video’s of moving while attacking, I’m assuming that you can’t actually move around during combat with RO 2. That being said, it’s free, and I’ve absolutely nothing to lose to give RO 2 a shot.

    So, come open Beta, i’ll probably end up giving RO 2 a shot.

  14. i don’t see what make this game so special from others personally but oh well its all abotu taste i quess from the video above i saw i don’t like it but if so many players joined it and it resorted to crashing the whole game then i quess i should dl and give it a try as i usually do i just hope they fix everything needed so it won’t crash again and as rpaz said i am glad they didn’t take the easy way out of this whole deal

    • It’s because the precedessor was a hit. RO still used sprites and was a 2.5D MMO actually… but what it did really well… was skills and skill animations. They were superb. You did felt like your character became godlike on the higher levels and that’s good enough recipe for success.

      Take Cabal Online for another example. It’s pretty much the same thing as thousand of other MMOs out there.. Only what it does goes with a style and that’s fair enough to have a hit title.

      Ragnarok Online is the same thing – only in another genre – anime MMO.

        • Agreed. RO1 was awesome – unique art style, tons of classes, unique card system, etc. RO2 is just like any other 3D MMORPG out there. Sure, they kept the stat system, and Kafra services are still available, even the mobs are similar, but what I loved about RO1 just wasn’t found in RO2. The classes are now the usual 4 in every other MMO, the cards now give stats only (instead of mechanics such as reducing MP cost, etc), the world is now a linear progression sort of thing. I just don’t see how RO2 is a better game compared to RO1.

  15. Lol, they failed to anticipate the wrath international players, launching a game that people around the globe have been anticipating for years now with global access was bound to make this happen :3
    Ohwell though, we only need to hold off a few days more, and I myself am just glad that they didn’t end up taking the easy route by adding IP blocks and being done with it like most publishers would have done. Guess i’ll play some witcher 2 for a few days ^.^

  16. I wasn’t even able to play during the closed beta despite having access, mainly due to their time zones and limited availability.
    Hopefully I’ll get a chance soon enough…


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