Innova’s Ragnarok Online Revo-Classic is revving up for a big update that will arrive next week and add a new class, as well as massive PvP for guilds capable of supporting thousands of players at once.

The Wars of Emperium, a.k.a. Guild Wars, lets 2,500 players duke it out for weekly battles to claim castles. These castles give guilds access to dungeons with special loot, as well as economic advantages in their region. Innova promises that the battles will be “without lags,” as well as saying that the battles are “focused on teamplay,” which means they definitely won’t be thousands of players spamming every skill they can at once in a glorious lightshow.

The Nov. 27 update will also add a new class, the Super Novice, which uses the initial skills from all 30 professions. This is balanced by their low HP and SP, but they get to wear “highly effective armor” and have unique equipment to help them not look like total noobs.

Learn more about this update on the Ragnarok Online forums.

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