For many, Ragnarok Online 2 was an ill attempt at a proper sequel to the original. The third-person MMO did little to fill the Poring sized hole in player’s hearts that ached for a successor worthy of being called a spiritual sequel to Ragnarok. Well I am here today to say the first trailer for Tree of Saviour might do just that.

Originally codenamed Project R1, Tree of Savior is an upcoming Korean action MMO whose graphics immediately remind us of an updated Ragnarok, and for good reason. The MMO is being developed by IMC Games with the project being spearheaded by none other than Hakkyu Kim, considered by many to be the “father of Ragnarok Online”. Kim actually had a hand in developing Ragnarok Online 2, but parted ways with its developer, Gravity Interactive before its completion.

Tree of Savior features incredibly colorful environments, thanks to a combination of 2D characters and a mixture of 2D and 3D environments, with some bosses also being 3D. The unique artstyle blend helps sell Tree of Savior as an updated take on Ragnarok rather than an entirely different type of MMO. That’s not to say Tree of Savior hasn’t adopted some modern gaming traits. The MMO does feature a non-target based combat system which, when coupled with the camera angle, draws similarities to ARPG’s.

IMC Games debuted the trailer at this year’s G-Star in Busan, Korea. During the presentation, IMC Games stated Tree of Savior Online possessed 80 different classes to play and 200 unique bosses. The first round of testing is scheduled to begin in February 2014, with no word yet on when or even if the game will head to the West.

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  1. Fact is that RO2 is closing on the KOREAN servers where as RO1 is not only NOT closing but is still quite strong after 10 years… i do hope that Warpportal (the american/international publisher for RO1/RO2) gets ahold of this game… as a RO1 vet of 8+ years this game looks very promising… im looking forward to actually playing this game… so far no other MMO has been able to hold a candle (in my opinion) to RO1… RO2 isnt the same on any level… if they were going to make a 3d MMO with the RO name it should have been an EXACT copy of the original only with 3D characters/monsters… people who never played the original may enjoy it but most RO1 players never bothered… too little content for most players…

  2. oh!since i bothered to read ,even better news.this game might dont be released at all!nice,looks like santa is mounting rudolf early this year,houhou

  3. You’re all sad, raging at RO2 because you can’t let go of the past. You have no real legitimate gripe, just pissed cause they made it 3D with updated game mechanics. Well boohoo. All things must change, get over it and your melodramatics. RO2 is in fact a good game and when you pull your heads out the back of your asses and stop b!tching that its not a RO1 clone (what you really want) and that its not 2D, than you’ll see the sunlight and move on.

    Gerard: I’m afraid your “2cents” as you put it does not matter. What I’m sensing here is a butthurt RO1 troll pissed off cause Yumegami doesn’t agree with the absolute bullshit you’re trying to force down his throat. 😛 Whether you accept it or not, its it’s not a fact that RO1 is better than RO2 or vice versa. It is a matter of opinion. Raging that a person is “stupid” or flawed because their opinion is contrast to yours makes you exactly what you claim Yumegami to be, a troll :D.

    B.D.: -_- I can definitely see how mature you are (sarcasm). Raging because someone’s preference is towards 3D style gameplay rather than 2D while at the same time shouthing “GROW UP” as you leave in a childish fit; makes you just as immature as those you claim to be.

    Atonal: Sorry to burst your bubble V.V. However, reality check :3. “RO2 is NOT a good game.” is your opinion not fact. No matter how much you wish it were fact. Whether you’re for it or against it, its all opinion in the end :D.

    LOLB*TCHPLS: V.V Your ignorance speaks for itself. Commenting on you would amount to nothing more than nurturing your stupid and immaturity.

    Welp I’ll get back to RO1 and RO2. I’ve wasted enough time here. 😀 Laters

  4. I’ve been seriously waiting for this game when it was called Project R1, RO1 successor or not, its made by Hakkyu Kim. I love that guy and his awesome game ideas, he’ll make it so damn popular like RO1 and the game will be beyond amazing. Looking forward to this! 😀

  5. Something I find interesting about this would be the amount of thought input needed to create the “Ultimate Character” (or to be one of the top characters anyways). Since there are 80 job classes and I am assuming unique skill and stat builds too.

    Which is pretty awesome because in RO there is a level cap that when reached, most of the character classes become less unique. Paladin A and Paladin B will seem almost the same in Skill/Stats which almost makes me feel less accomplished :(.

    The difference with this game (Tree of Savior) is that it will force us to think more about what we are doing in the game, how it will affect us.

    Can’t wait to play! 😀

  6. this game looks action paced if it rly is action paced they should put dodging and blocking cause running slowly to the left or right and jumping like you aren in the moon is not good maneuvering

  7. This looks amazing. i hope they get the cash shop right if they are going that route, that’s one of the things that has killed ro off over the years. Also the unfulfilled promises for armor and higher quality weapon models and improved animation haven’t helped them. I can still find idle pleasure in it sometimes but the free model is so restricted compared to the payed model and the fact that cash items can make players overpowered in pvp,high level item upgrades requiring cash items that can take players forever to come up with zeny to obtain if they are just getting started. There’s also the problem with them breaking agility and making crit builds pretty much useless for anything until maxed out making your options limited build wise if you want to progress at a decent rate despite all the possible combinations. I’ve always hated vit builds and hybrids aren’t much better, I prefer speed and evasion in most games and those builds suffer now in ro because they’ve changed the focus to massive amounts of mobs for leveling at a decent rate once transcended into your final class advancements. I can handle a slower pace leveling but if you elect to use an agi build, good luck getting into parties while leveling. This could sate the void gravity has left in my soul by destroying one of my favorite games of all time if they get it right.

  8. Lol i love the comments on the articles, basically: “My opinion is the best and what I say is right and all of you are wrong” (and someone will probably reply with extremely elaborated butt-hurtness to this satiric comment)

    Yes, this is making fun of all of you here. Because you are funny. It’s a compliment!

  9. Tease me more with games I can’t play right now. Everything is in a freaking alpha or beta, or not even in English…sigh. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

  10. Woah that art style and graphics are apsolutely amazing. This has to be one of the best looking MMO’s ever (at least for my taste). And 80 difference classes? Damn I really hope it wont take long before this game gets released here too.

  11. Now this is a game. Also, how are people comparing this to RO? … if anything you can compare it to a few titles of nintendo 3ds and some from the early 2000 which were also on other consoles.

  12. Horse crap. This looks and feels nothing like RO. It is more of that crap 2.D half camera slant, cheap limited AFK grind fest. There are at least 5 others I think of cloned off this model. The only difference is that they used the same color palete as RO. Double dumbed down. Hope closure in 6 months.

    • You seriously blind??? It looks so much like RO that its even better.
      Unless your talking about RO2 which is a cheap generic clone of most MMOs and doesn’t deserve the title “RO2”, seriously man that game sucks ass.

  13. omg this looks so much better than Ragnarok. I was never into the point and click fighting system, and i got bored of games such as Path of Exile, Dragon Nest, and Rusty Hearts. They required skills and doesn’t use the point and click, but they were never filling. this game though looks so fun and nostalgic. cant wait to play this 😀

  14. Well if this is a sign they will ditch RO2 which is an awesome mmorpg imo then gravity will never have my support again and i’ll see to it all my friends in real life pull out support too.

    • O no! Whatever would a multi-million net worth company do without a couple of spoiled little kids! And yes, I can definitely see ALL of your friends pulling out of a game just cuz you told them too. Go cry somewhere else pls.

      • it’s funny how i am likely older than you and have more friends than you yet your audacity is so great you would assume so greatly. Go take ur pixelfapping ass somewhere where you think you matter. Fact is RO2 is a damned good game and it lacks support cuz the players are spoiled little brats like you who don’t appreciate anything. So go make ur homemade garage porn with ur mom or w/e and stay outta my face :p

        • Sorry to burst your bubble, but RO2 is NOT a good game. It’s a copy/paste game with minor references to the original RO. Also, Gravity is NOT the one developing nor publishing this game. The original creator of RO left Gravity years ago and is now working at IMC Games. Gravity will continue to support RO2, but know that most of the player base only plays it because it’s a sequel to one of the most popular mmorpgs created back in the day. Now that the original creator of RO has made progress on this game, RO2’s player base is going to drop drastically when it comes out.

          • Sorry lol i never played ro1 and RO2 is the best free to play mmorpg out atm it’s not in beta and imo i preferred the gate of the new world ro2 concept more but original ro didn’t really appeal to me and Ro2 does so i could care less it’s a matter of opinion and my opinion stands ro2 is freaking great if people stopped focusing on how much it’s not exactly like ro1 maybe they ould realize how awesome it truly is, because i never played ro1 is why maybe i see it ro1 had no baring on why i joined ro2 in fact i played Ragnarok DS which still holds more appeal to me than ro1 so you can say what you want and so can i but the fact will remain they are all manners of opinion and preference in the end and this game is not visually appealing to me compared to ro2..the 2D area is dead 3D is the future so if they turn this full 3D maybe i may hold interest but otherwise not interested at all.

          • childish~~~ argue more and keep thinking u r always right… egoistic~~ dont condem other people. childish..~ wops.

        • Dude Really? RO2 a “visually appealing game & the best F2P game atm? You are nuckin futs! I can name 10 games that are wayyyy better than RO2 in every aspect!
          & are not to demanding on a graphics card. I’m just sayn. Oh & I bet I am older than you. 🙂 XDXDXD

          • once again “Matter of preference” meaning it’s a opinion not a per say fact, but i also know for a fact a lot of ppl playing ro2 didn’t play ro1 lol. In fact most pretend to have played ro1 but fact is ro2 is a great game people are just mad it’s not a friggin rehash/revamp of ro1 but true rpg games have racial/species options more than human and ro2 is doing the right thing adding those to the ro world. imo this game deserves more respect and credit than it is getting. i’m normally a game hopper but i notice common gamers have a different tastes than i do I for example believe sonic next gen surpasses sonic adventure 2 in every way to appeal to me. It’s all a matter of preference in the end. i’m not leaving ro2 til the servers close down but this game i see in this thread is unappealing to me i am not sorry in saying that. So enjoy wasting ur time trying to make me feel bad for having a different opinion, we are not the borg and i don’t wish to be in ur collective. so deal with it buddy. A lot of people do enjoy ro2 and likely they will stay if the kinks get nicked soon enough,

        • Aw looks like we got a little b*tching fanboy here! Sad little kid can’t handle the truth that he’s playing a horrible excuse of a game. You must be very mature considering you’re throwing mom jokes. watch out, badass alert! however i can send you the porno i did with your mom if you want tho, just finished editing <3
          PS: you have a very dirty garage.

    • This game isn’t being made or published by Gravity, so don’t worry.
      IMC Games is full of the original Ragnarok Online creators, including the guy who created everything about the original RO and pitched it to Gravity to make.
      These people split from Gravity because they hated the sequel they were making.

      • Then that’s fine :3 see commenting like you did doesn’t offend nor get on people’s nerves I commend you upon knowing how to speak to people. Obviously you understood my issue was with the misconception that gravity was gonna toss ro2 into the grinder. I still wish RO1/2 included Dark Knight class in them instead of being Nintendo DS exclusive. Idk much about IMC are they any good?

        • My 2cents here, geez RO2 fanboy much, its just soooo damn generic and nothing like the original RO appeal. I’m very sure that most people find RO2 the same opinon which being a complete let down and since Yumegami didn’t play RO1 before than you really don’t know any bettter and you’re opinion is screwed up overlacking, go live under a rock will ya?
          Plus your smart ass logic is pretty stupid no matter how smart you make it sound, the sound I hear from you is “TROLL!”.

    • Are you trolling? Go look at Tera Online or even Dragon nest ,Aion, Allods and Rift.

      I do not like this game and seeing you blindly praising it is just pitiful.

    • Sorry I just had to comment because you’re being irrational like most children & assuming that they’d ditch RO2. The only reason why RO2 lacks anything at the moment is because of it’s community. People like you ruin the game and I have played both “iRO” not ro1 btw, and “RO2” and I swear RO2 is just nothing but a grind fest yet the community is crap. So now that you know my opinion (if you read it all before raging) you can continue playing your “favorite game.”

      Oh also, the Ragnarok DS came from iRO so ironically you most likely would enjoy the original game too. So instead of acting “immature” and restricting your limits to 3D which you enjoy not for the “gameplay” but its “appeal” you should expand yourself and learn more.. which means GROW UP.


    • To each their own but don’t just assume they’ll abandon RO2. It does have a lot of potential. They just need to keep improving on it and draw more players in. As long as it has a decent player base gravity won’t dump it, ro1 is still around and the population is tiny most of the time anymore. Most people jump to private servers since they refuse to update the game with any good content and have yet to improve on item graphics and animation in all the years it’s been around. Most weapon models look like the default models on most classes and the default models are garbage. It’s still slow paced and hard for new players to get in to and with every update it skews the builds to each class to one or two that can have any success in finding parties for leveling or being good at mvp hunting, yet it isn’t going anywhere and they keep on updating it for the existing player base. Gravity might not have perfect games but they are really good about keeping their games alive for the fans. Requim is still going too. I don’t think they’ve closed any game they’ve made to date. The few they did they brought back up for players protesting their closure.

    • 80 different classes sounds awesome!
      Even though it is a lot, at least I won’t have to worry about being the ‘average warrior’ or ‘average mage’ if each class plays a role. Though it would be even unique if the skills have different paths as well, rather than getting all the skills by paying money or there’s only one path xD.

  15. Nice. I needed a simple game to play these days. I also really wanted something like Secret of the Solstice, but not Ragnarok cause it wasn’t the same. But this one might be a good one.

    I also hope it doesn’t die very early.

      • “If you watch down you may see a retard comment” – LOL Correct spelling: “If you look down…”
        Also, the comment directly below that phrase is yours sooooo…. lol tard.

    • …Ragnarok and Secret of Solstice are almost identical. Also, this game is created by the man who brought Ragnarok to this world! I doubt it would die fast since it holds the classic iRO elements with a new legit battle system and extravagant graphics.

    • I couldn’t agree more… Raganarok Online was the first Korean MMO (or Asian/Anime MMO) that I played and it was just simply…fun. It was a very straight forward point and click MMO but the combination of 2d sprites and 3d backgrounds were something else for it’s time.

      We were all hoping RO2 would be something like this game but they went with the simple cookie cutter method instead.

      I hope this game succeeds and finds an audience because we need to prove to the other developers out there that not all MMORPG’s need to be the same.


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