Reign Of Guilds Steam Playtest #6 Saw 13,000 New Signs Ups And Over 1,000 Players Daily

The next one is soon, and progress won't be wiped this time.

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For your information, Reign of Guilds is a classic MMORPG set in the dark yet magical middle ages that features an open world, castle sieges, a player-driven economy, diplomacy, merchant and craft associations, and the chance to become a king.

Following the recent Steam playtest #6, the developers over at Atlant Games expressed gratitude to participants for their engagement and feedback. There were over 13,000 new sign-ups, 7,000 new players launching the client, and an average of over 1,000 unique players daily. Players spending 4+ hours surpassed those with less playtime, and 500+ players dedicated more than 20 hours to the playtest.

The next playtest (#7) is confirmed, with a promise not to wipe progress, too. It will focus on fixing errors and addressing tasks that arose from this last one.

Certain issues from playtest #6, such as out-of-sync hits of melee weapons, group disbandment during location transitions, and boss balance concerns, are planned to be rectified in the upcoming playtest. There’s also improvements like a chance of dropping blanks and recipes from mini-bosses.

The update will address Druid abilities, aggro, and healing mechanics, rebalance PvE and loot systems, and provide new content for Dwarrhan and castles as well. Technical problems such as disconnects and server crashes will be tackled, along with new features like localization into new languages, crafting food revisions, medium crossbows, and potential magic controls on powders.

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