The Repopulation’s Next Patch Updates The Inventory System, Like REALLY Updates It


When The Repopuation next updates, it will bring with it a revamp to the game’s inventory (or container) system. As it turns out, there’s a lot of work that goes into revamping this kind of system and the game’s developers want players to know what they’re putting into it. That’s why there’s a rather large and informative post on the game’s site.

The post begins with general update details about the streamlining of containers, eliminating unnecessary elements that put a strain on client to server communication. They also adjusted the client-side GUI containers and reduced the amount players will interact with them to a more reasonable number. This removed duplications and simplified the codes used to identify container types.

Of course, this wasn’t easy. The team had to change these things without having a negative impact on player items. They also needed to rework the actual indexing on the items since they’ve existed as individual units rather than being categorized — which would make it less complicated for the system to recognize items.

In addition to providing details on what’s already gone into this update, the post also lists things developers will need to do before it launches. At the moment, it’s scheduled for January 6, so there’s not a lot of time. That said, they’re working on the final steps, which include a bit of QA testing.


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