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Free-to-play gamers who open their wallets spend $91.58 per year on PC and console F2P games, according to market research firm Slice Intelligence. That’s only a few bucks more than the $86.50 spent by mobile gamers, though a higher percentage of “hardcore” gamers contribute to their F2P games of choice.

Slice says that 28% of F2P PC/console gamers account for 90% of a game’s income, as opposed to 10% of mobile gamers. There’s not a ton of overlap between the two groups either: only 19.2% buy both. The report also breaks down the yearly spends for many games, most of them mobile, led by Game of War – Fire Age with an eye-popping $549.69; Hearthstone checks in with a more reasonable $65.76. Remember, these are the amounts spent by paying players only, not averages for all players, paid or not. You can read the full report on the Slice Intelligence Website.

That said, I’m not sure what to make of Slice’s numbers. It’s not a good sign that other “big” PC F2P games, like League of Legends or World of Tanks, don’t seem to be accounted for. On the more pedantic side, it’s a little hard to take too seriously a company that prints things like “$87 dollars” and doesn’t capitalize the first word in one of its article headlines — not to mention that that headline should start with “Fewer” instead of “Less.” Maybe it’s nothing, but stuff like this never looks good when you’re trying to establish yourself as a new player in a field that demands precision.


  1. $92 a year on a single F2P game is pretty ridiculous when you consider how many games you could get for that much money at a seasonal sale from vendors like Steam, GOG, or Amazon.

  2. I have never paid a dime to F2P since open beta of Runes of Magic. Since that burn it opened my eyes to all these scams with hidden as games. I purchase some steam titles on sale. Entire ARMA 2 franchise (xpacs etc) 1 dollar steam sale. Mobile companies are so currupt, they should all be shut down. Not a single mmorpg is worth it’s salt in price. Single player box titles is where the fun, creativity, and inovation is at. It is so sad to look in at you guys struggeling over basic concepts: “Oh well the combat is good, so I waste 3 years of my life here before moving on” XD and you then the guys that pay sub fees for that XD XD XD XD


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