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At the request of players, has published a blog explaining how to use the Aptitude resource — a special resource designed to help players gain more XP. Aptitude is a resource that accumulates automatically based on character level. It is spent whenever a character does an action that grants them experience. Basically, it’s an iteration on rested XP.

Interestingly, unlike traditional rested XP, Aptitude seems to be gained while the character is being played. Another interesting difference is that the Aptitude “reservoir” is limited. However, players don’t have to worry about losing out on Aptitude as anything over the limit will be saved by an NPC named Mora Zin. She can be found in Sulan and Sidus Ur.

Another notable difference from rested XP is that players can buy Aptitude points with Ausgyth Points, effectively as a buff.

You can read more about Aptitude on the RO site.

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