Stick with me MMOBombers, this gets a little weird. Today announced that the closed beta for the upcoming Western release for Revelation Online will begin in October. That’s the good news…and also the easy news. Where things get confusing is the apparent announcement, then lack of an announcement on the game’s business model.

It may be easy to lump the game into the free-to-play MMORPG category, but with being rather hesitant to actually announce the payment model, we’ve speculated on this site that maybe the company would try to go the buy-to-play route like Black Desert did. So what happened today? Well, revealed the Founder’s Packs for Revelation. Ranging from $17.99 to $89.99 USD, these packs guarantee beta access, head starts, and other in-game items (the value of the packs is a hotly debated topic on the game’s forums right now.) Seeing that the packs contained “Premium Account” time, I said to myself, “Self, this game is going free-to-play…BUT they could be doing a sub option inside their B2P game like The Secret World does.”

I then leave the Founder’s Pack page itself and visit the official announcement of the packs and am greeted with the opening sentence of “Disclosing a free to play business model, Revelation Online’s beta for Europe and North America is planned for October 2016.” “Oh, F2P confirmed,” I say to myself.

I then visit the forums to see what the fans think and see multiple posts from the same Community Manager that made the initial announcement saying they aren’t ready to confirm model yet….I’m confused…MAYBE what they are saying is that they aren’t ready to reveal the cash shop costs or premium time costs yet. Fine, I get that…maybe it’s just awkward wording in their replies…but then I see them referring people that want to speculate on the game’s business model to a post specifically made for that topic. It’s all very weird.

At the end of the day, it looks like Revelation will be free-to-play to me, which honestly comes as a surprise to me, but what’s with the dodgy presentation? Even the game’s FAQ still says the model is undecided.

If you want to check it out and get yourself a Founder’s Pack, you can do so here.

Mike "Magicman" Byrne has been a part of the MMOBomb family for years and serves as the site's current Editor-in-Chief. His love for MMOs and gaming in general has led him to covering games for numerous websites including Gamebreaker TV and XIV Nation where he proudly displays his fanboy flag for FFXIV:ARR.


  1. P2W is a tired argument. It’s a video game, get over it. Do you get pissed off when you’re driving through town next to people that paid more than you for faster cars even though you’re all driving on the same public road?

    If P2W is such a brilliant argument, why isn’t buying and building faster computers, paying more for faster internet connections and buying better peripherals all considered P2W??? They all effect the game 10X more than anything a player can buy through RMT or a cash shop.

    Bitter gamers just want to be bitter gamers. When don’t have an actual beef, they just cry P2W!?!!? OMG, DO YOU BELIEVE THIS DEVELOPER IS ACTUALLY TRYING TO MAKE A PROFIT? TO THE WOLVES I SAY!

    • OP, you fail to comprehend this is a game. People play it for fun and SOME have an expectation that TIME spent playing the game is the determining factor for power, prestige, etc.

      When OTHERS decide that real life money is going to the be the determining factor for power, prestige and the like then we need to classify that game so others are aware.

      There are only two factors at play here, time and money. And there are now two ways for Devs/Pubs to provide a game and the underlying financial model. Play to Win and Pay to Win.

      So there are now two camps of players, those who don’t want to put in time but will pay money and those who don’t want to pay money but put in time. Neither model is wrong, per se, but the traditional model is Play to Win and as such the Pay to Win model is the new kid on the block and getting bad street cred.

      I’m a Play to Win Gamer and I want Devs/Pubs to be upfront and honest about whether their game is Play or Pay (to Win). To date, very few have. XL Games/Trion for Archeage and Pearl Abyss/Kakao for BDO made massive debacles by using a stealth approach to revealing their payment model. Both could have been top MMOs but floundered as they presented F2P games with Cash Shops that really required monthly subs (Patron/Value Pack).

      So, I think we can all agree that games are a business but what needs to change is how Devs/Pubs present their games so the player base can make informed decisions.

  2. I was so hyped for BDO, but did I buy it – no. I decided to wait and see what happens after the game launches, i wanted for the reviews, and when people started complaining, I just let it go… I really wished to play it, but it is good I did not. It was a money grab all along and it had such business model that it would lead you to buy from cash shop ONE WAY OR ANOTHER and before you realized it, you’ve spent $500 on it, or at least so many of the reviewers that talked about it did.

    Anyway, let’s talk Free to Play. In order for them to earn some good cash, they need to have a tactic of how to LEAD you to the cash shop. Yes we say cosmetics, BUT not every player buys those cosmetics. Expansions? Well, that’s one way. I have played many F2P MMOs. It is always the same – you either inject $20 in there or you look dumb compared to others, in some games where you have the pets help you – hell without the pets you are weak as noob – that’s the $20 for right? You die – you loose exp, gold, whatever – unless you buy some item from cash shop that will prevent that. You see where I am getting at? Free2Play becomes Pay to Win at some point simply because of convenient items, or they just straight up become P2Win.

    Pay2Play – The only game I played that was P2P was Final Fantasy XIV A realm Reborn. I tried WoW for a month, but I lost interest quickly by the time I reached level 50. Anyway, I did not spot a cash shop in FFXIV ARR. Apparently it did not have such. You could buy cosmetics that were previous event items, but really that’s about it, or maybe not cuz I did not play it for long. But the game felt balanced. I did mot think for a second that anybody had any advantage over me cuz they paid $100 more, it was well on skill based. So I could say that P2P games have very low chances of ever getting into Pay2Win.

    What I think is right for Revelation Online is really B2P, ONLY a cosmetic cash shop and low price pay for expansions. Going F2P may end that game up into the P2W very quickly.

  3. when they refuse to announce the payment model, it is a bad sign…
    usually it means that they want to go b2p (because western players love to pay a lot for crappy games) but wants the publicity of a f2p game

  4. How did magicmoronman think it was b2p? My only publishes f2p.. It’s free in CN… And no secret f2p in west…
    Every f2p pre release offers cbt packs… You turds comparing this to wow lololol, you must be brain dead or scared this title might be good

    • Had this same response, just think of this game as Blade and Soul’s launch, exact same way except this game has an open beta.

  5. What does it change? B2P.. P2P.. either way this is a korean game and it will end Pay to win like all his brothers out there.

    Never trust a korean game. NEVER

  6. well if people still agree with b2p even after all i said about b2p fine go for it dun blame the devs for your stupidity for paying for a f2p game.

    • Sad but true. I’ve known MMos that had potential to take on WoW but they mostly became failures because of greed/half finished or being 2 lazy to finish up the project. But blizzard did it right with World of warcraft’s concept and business model.

    • It’s sad, but so true. They became the first successful MMORPG and that title is never going to be taken away, especially since their player-base is huge.

      Pay to play games are the least likely to be pay to win. But free to play games lack a decent source of revenue especially since the only way to make an amazing MMORPG with next-gen graphics is an extensive budget.
      And companies will try to make their profit asap. Even if they have to incorporate pay to win elements. I believe most companies try to refrain from doing so in the beginning, but if their game is not generating enough income to completely obliterate the server costs and pay the employees, you then have a game with p2w elements. And from there, it only gets worse.

      Yes, you can make an amazing game with a somewhat lower budget but certain parts will be lacking.

      • Really good point, Frogz.

        IF the game underperforms financially AND they have a cash shop, then they can provide Pay2Win items to boost their cash flow. But if they committed to a Buy2Play and Play2Win model there is no way to make those quick decisions designed to generated instant cash flow.

        So, a Cash Shop in a F2P game is much riskier of becoming Pay2Win than a Cash Shop in a B2P game that doesn’t have a subscription model.

        My best experiences have been with B2P and Sub models. I’m waiting for a Dev/Pub to prove me wrong, but sadly to date they have not.

  7. My guess they are gonna buy 2 play model. 2nd guess is free 2 play. I highly doubt they would do a subscription model not many games are doing it the only successful game who pulled it off was world of warcraft and they even avoided it with overwatch which was a good call in my opinion.

    • ASD, how about some fact checking first…

      WoW, FFXIV, Archeage, BDO…they all have subs. Difference is WoW and FFXIV always had subs and you knew that going in. Archeage and BDO came out as F2P but required a sub once you understood “what was under the hood”. Can you play AA and BDO without a sub, yes, but not very conveniently. Both of those games basically throttle the F2P customers with lower xp rates, higher AH taxes, etc. Subscribing just eliminates the throttle (even though they position it as a benefit…Oh look you get a 10% XP Boost!)

      You can’t present Overwatch’s Business Model for comparison with WoW’s model because the first is a FPS while the second is an MMO. FPS and MOBA games have an even playing field for each gaming session. MMO’s only provide an even playing field when you first create your character.

      I’m guessing they go F2P with a Cash Shop that allows them to cater to the Pay2Win customers, in case their cash flow is lower than anticipated. That, to me, shows a lack of confidence in your product.

      Believe in your product and sell it as B2P with a subscripion to support ongoing infrastructure and development costs.


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