NetEase and have released yet another class video — this time introducing the powerful support ranged specialist, the Occultist. The Occultists are envoys of the Queen of Souls in the human realm with the power to look into the souls of their targets. They excel at ranged combat and offering buffs to their allies improving their abilities in battle.

The Occultist features four major spells that balance between light and dark. These are Archon of Light, Archon of Darkness, Dance of Death, and Bonds of Light. The first and the last offer buffs to allies, while the others are offensive abilities.

More information on the Occultist — and other classes — can be found on the Revelation Online site.

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  1. I admit I had my fears about this game becoming shit like the other MMOS that always do but this actually looks promising. Let’s just hope they don’t ruin it and destroy the hope and excitement for alot of people.

  2. The vid isn’t really new, none of them are.
    This game is not new either, all did and does is translation.
    I dug out and posted all of dem videos in non-translated version a long time ago, dumped them somewhere at the shit-forums if anyone wants to watch try my hub probably there somewhere.

    • you will see that after about 2 months everyone will have forgotten about it – just like Blade & Soul, ArcheAge and Black Desert Online before it

      • Forgotten about it? Get your facts straight boy. B&S and ArcheAge actually have a large community, dunno about BDO, but I sure as hell know that there’s thousands, maybe even more people who did NOT forget about those games.

      • u have no idea what ure talking about. nobody forgot those games. they may not be as great as they hoped, but a lot of people still play blade n soul and archeage. u know nothing

      • Archeage is great I only stopped playing it because the publishers are horrible. I stopped playing blade and soul because it didn’t interest me enough and black desert online I just don’t like the north american servers. I thought about trying the japan servers but idk.


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