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In an unheard of move for MMOs, NetEase and have announced they will be resetting all server firsts on instanced dungeons and scours in Revelation Online. This move will let new players take a stab at earning those server first prizes.

The reset will take place on June 14 when servers are reopened. A list of instances and dungeons and what rewards be be earned for getting server first in each is available on the Revelation Online site.

In addition, a daily login event will be running from now until June 21st, with players who log in on specific days throughout the event being given all kinds of rewards. Those who log in six out of 12 days will recive a Beta Return Gift and those who log in 12 out of 12 days will get Celebration Class Weapon Skins. Full details are available on the Revelation Online site.

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  1. Shouldn’t you usually poke around a bit more on these topics? I mean why are they resetting them? Is there something going on? Are they taking it away from those who earned it? Stuff like that. This article is kind of lacking…

    Yeah, sure I can click on that link and find out that they are thinking of this as an “event”, but there must be more to this. Either from before or some player reactions from the forums or something.

    • this site went to shit, majority of articles lack details and are just copy paste from the publishers site, not to mention all those sponsored “interviews”, they are resetting achivements beacuse of server merges, and that would cause there to be 2 server first achievements, thats why the reset. But saying that would make revelation look bad so go figure why it’s not said they had to merge servers cause of low playerbase.

      • I agree with this, I used to like the cite for the layouts and solid giveaways.

        Now I’m supposed to follow them on 8 different social media things where I could go else where and just sign up for an account for the same giveaway.

        Additionally these articles are trash, and their web series is them sitting around saying “um” a bunch because they have no idea what’s going on with anything


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