Revelation Online‘s Heaven and Earth update arrives May 27, bringing with it a challenging new dungeon, UI improvements, and more cute and cuddly creatures to unleash in battle.

The biggest content chunk of the update is the new Temple of the Twelve dungeon, which pits players against a randomized set of bosses of increasing difficulty. You can take a crack at the dungeon with a team of five players level 59 and higher. In each wing, you’ll have one of three or four random encounters, with the final encounter in the third wing potentially consisting of a pair of zodiac-inspired bosses. That makes 12 baddies total for you to spank, with lots of loot in store if you can come out on top.

You’ll also gain access to new Battle Companions, which come in three rarities and can be obtained via daily and weekly events, the Temple of the Twelve, Holy Treasure Maps, and other places throughout Nuanor. You can train and upgrade them to increase their power, and each has a special Fury ability and skills you can train them in to increase their combat capabilities.

Finally, who doesn’t like a cleaner UI in their games? The Road to Greatness menu is getting refreshed, also adding new daily and weekly events and an activity system to provide further rewards. The “Get strong” tab is also being reworked to provide more information on what your character has done and what he or she still needs to do to … well, get stronger.

The Heaven and Earth update arrives on May 27. To learn more about everything that’s coming in it, check out its hub page on the Revelation Online website.

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