Big changes hit Revelation Online today. With the release of the New Sulan update, NetEase and have made significant changes to the free-to-play MMO, even completely rebuilding certain aspects of the game.

The update includes a completely rebuilt version of the capital city of Sulan based on the availability of newer technology as well as player feedback. New buildings and people have been added and players will see a distinct difference in the kinds of services and quests that NPCs offer. The primary goal with these changes is to create a city that’s more trade and user-friendly as well as one that’s easier to get around in.

The expansion also includes revisions of several of the game’s dungeons and raids that streamlines things a bit. Some trial versions of dungeons have been removed, new bosses have been added, and a better rewards system has been implemented. Some of the class choices have been reworked as well, and new female model choices are available for the Assassin, Blademaster, and Gunslinger. New mounts are available too.

Other changes implemented in this new update include adjustments to the more social aspects of the game — like housing and guild features. There are plenty of other changes as well. In fact, there are enough changes in this update that the RO team doesn’t even have all the posts finished yet on the site. But, when they’re all ready, you can find them with the currently existing ones on the Sulan Update page.

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