Revelation Online’s Safe Haven Expansion Is Now Live


Today, and NetEase released the Safe Haven expansion for their free-to-play MMO Revelation Online. The expansion offers players the opportunity to own their own home within the game using the newly implemented apartment feature.

Those looking to purchase property in the game will need to have reached level 40 — at which time the opportunity to do so will become available. Once players have their bit of property, they can decorate at will and invite friends over — even giving keys to close friends.

Of course, this being an expansion launch, the developers have set up a few activities to celebrate. Between today and August 16, players will be given daily activities to take on… kill quests, guild dailies, etc. Completing these activities will grant players a special currency that can be used to purchase rewards. Included in the rewards are “Housing Boxes” containing nifty items for new homes. And, as you probably expected, there will be daily login rewards — for those of you who may not want to put in a lot of work grinding for goodies.


  1. They released the update but accidentally added level 79, and assassin to the game. So then they immediately took the servers back down. The expected wait time is anywhere from 15 hours to another day before servers are going back to before it was released, and nothing stated so far about if that means housing is being delayed again.


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