As many of you already know, Rift is headed Free-to-Play starting on June 12th. If you happened to have purchased a copy of the game, what you may not know is that Rift just went F2P early for those who own a copy of the MMO.

Trion Worlds confirmed this through a Twitter post, welcoming old timers back to Telara:

Obviously, if you have never owned Rift then this doesn’t do much for you. However, many users have pointed out an effective method of getting both Rift and the its expansion for free. Currently, those who signup to use the gamer oriented social networking client Raptr can download Rift and play the lite version in order to unlock the full game plus the Storm Legion expansion for free. You will have to clock in about 14 hours ingame with the Raptr client running, but you do not have to be actually ingame for the time to count. This means you can simply alt-tab and do other things or have it running overnight.

This also benefits you once Rift goes completely F2P, as players who own a full copy of the game get upgraded to 6 character and 5 bag slots. Not only that, but if you own the expansion you also get access to the additional souls that were added with it. Even if you already owned the base client you can still run Raptr in order to unlock the expansion making it a win-win for everyone.

If you’d like to see what exactly your gaining as a box copy owner of Rift be sure to check out the handy Rift F2P FAQ here.

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    • the xpac is also going f2p exept the 4 souls from it.If you already own a copy of the xpac you get the souls free.If not you have to buy them off the cash shop.I don’t know if they ran out of copies on raptr but if not you can sign up to the desktop app and run the rift lite trial for 14 hours and get the game,xpac and 30 days of game time free.If their are copies left that is.But other then that all zones,quest,dungeons and raids from Storm Legion are free to everyone even f2p players on the 12th.And all future content releases will be free.Cash shop is there if you want to speed up your progress so you can catch up to high leveled players so you can jump into endgame and cosmetic mounts,costumes and other assorted extras.

      • thx for the replay, i dont like all for free because alot of “little kid come to the game”
        i think the best comunity are in the B2P games, hope they release some expansion box for real money

  1. really nice info thnx 😀 i got my free rift + storm after 15 hour ,

    The game is very solid so far , the graphic art is not the best but the game mechanic is awesome .

    When i play Rift i feel like im playing a wow ripoff made by THQ

    • Pretty much. It is a good game if you want something similar to WoW with a good raiding scene and interesting side diversions.

    • and WoW is just a EQ ripoff made by blizzard.But your right it is a solid game.And the soul trees give you a ton of options on character building so you can make the toon you want.

  2. B2P is only a part of it.
    There’s also Sub.
    But mainly F2P

    B2P = Founders
    Sub = VIP
    F2P = Free Players

    Basing on how much bonuses VIP have compared to some other games… VIP may or may not turn into P2W.

    I still stick with my statements of “never assuming a game will never be P2W”

    Example? Just look at RaiderZ when they released with the promise of “never adding P2W items” (which they just broke a week ago)

    Than there’s also the F2P -> Heavy Cash Shop
    This means 90% all new contents are to be Cash Shop associated.

    Example? TERA (look at their recent updates)

    AION on the other hand… still coming out with massive content that all can be obtained by Free Players (however, there may or may not be some P2W aspects in it too)

    • So exactly how is it p2w if subscribers get some free boost,which anyone can buy?which every f2p mmo offer in their cash shop.the patron bonuses if anything make it pay to speed.which means no one gets an edge but you can catch up to those of us that are at the high levels.And unlike you I’ve seen what the cash shop it’s all cosmetic and stuff to speed you up so you can jump into the endgame content with the players that have been playing for the last 2 years.Which most o the games player base is at capped level.But all the games content is available free.All the zones,quest,dungeons,raids and gear with no restrictions.Oh btw raiserz is a pwe game so ofc it became p2w.Trion isn’t pwe they don’t d**k their players like that.What you need to do is actually look at the facts before you post.Cause you obviously didn’t read up on what patrons get with their subscriptions.Or you would know none of the sub bonuses give you an edge in anyway over others.So go somewhere else like kotaku where uninformed opinions are considered valuable and make believe is considered good reporting.

  3. I knew this last week, loaded up to get patches ready.for ftp, and game let me play, Thought I had extra time from last time I had played,but bad part is I popped on and remembered why I left. graphics are crap,I had played so many of the games since i left rift a couple years ago, I came back on and it was like watching a old 50’s sci fi movie and expecting the same graphics as lucas arts. Dont know If i can pull myself in to go back to play. But hey least its free now.

  4. Oh and lets look what recent stuff do we have… Mmm Dragon’s Prophet, a game where u get below 15fps the moment u see 5 or more players on screen. Praying not no meet any1 was a wery mmo’ish experience…
    Yeh Rift might not b a perfect game, but its easily in top 3 (or top 5 depend if u like anime) on free mmorpg market today

  5. good news i played rift on release didn’t get into it but started playing over a year ago and there was lots of changes and been playing ever since. the game isn’t a pay to win the cash shop is only for those who want things faster and too lazy to grind the items. the items in the shop you don’t need rift has a great community us at lv 60 are always willing to help new players as we do in our guilds yes it looks like other mmos but rift has more to offer and the patch 2.3 brings even more content events world bosses and other things to do

    • Most of the naysayers and haters are probaly just WoW or Aion fanboys that feel threatened by anything not WoW or Aion.And while Aion isn’t a bad game I just can’t stand the whole anime look of it.And WoW…well WoW sucks since MoP.But some people won’t try anything different so they chose to hate on it.Not saying you can’t dislike rift if you play it and it’s not your thing.But most of the haters have never actually played rift so their points are invalid.Though if someone has played it and on faeblight server and got turned off the game because of Ibby,well the rest of faeblight apologizes for her.She is just a mean spirited b***h.And not representitive of the whole community.

  6. So i just have to play lite version for 14 hours before 12th to get full game? (Just seems to good to be true:)) Thanks for answer.

    • No, you’ve misunderstood, all it is is Early Access F2P for those who bought the game prior. It’ll still be F2P for the general public, but they have to wait one more week.

    • You cant take people word for it when they say its pay to win,a lot of people say this about other games and its far from pay to win.Just play it for yourself and see if it is or not

  7. Love this game, it took everything wow did great and updated it for today 😀
    Can’t say I’m not happy with the f2p switch, been waiting months to get back onto my bard and now it’s free I see no reason to leave.

  8. A big part of any game for me is how my character looks. I want to look as badass as I feel when I’m running around being the hero, and in Rift, I just wasn’t very impressed with the character models, customization, or armor sets. For me to get deeper into a game, I have to feel that character immersion personally.

    That’s just my opinion though. Others might like their style.

  9. dungeon-, raid-, battleground-, quest group- finder. The actual game world including all the rifts are dead empty. It was fun the first few months after release.

    • The game world isn’t dead everyone is all in endgame zones sice the majority of players are at level cap.And even then plenty of lowbies but you have to play something other then a dps toon or it’s gonna be a long wait for groupfinder groups.Play a tank,support or healer type character and you will find a group as soon as you que.But with all the free copies raptr has been giving out the lowbie zones are filled with people.Also be aware of what timezone your sever is for cause if get on say a est server at 2am est there won’t be a ton of people on cause most rift players i that timezone are sleeping.


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