Last week, around this time, Trion Worlds announced plans for what they are calling “Prime Servers” in RIFT. These new servers would be subscription based and offer players a more in-game process for acquiring items generally bought via the game’s store. According to Trion, the creation of the Prime Servers was due to conversations with gamers — both those playing the game and those not. Unfortunately, the company didn’t really go into much detail on what to expect with these servers at the time.

That said, they did elect to speak with about the servers today, offering up a good deal of info that many will find interesting. One important thing of note is that the servers will apparently only last for around a year. When asked how long the servers would be up for Producer Chris Junior noted that the current plan is to release content over a period of 9 to 12 months. They’re basically progression servers.

This opens up a variety of other questions, such as whether or not Prime Server characters will be able to be transferred to live servers once the whole thing ends. The answer is, “no”. “There is no crossover of character or account-wide data between Prime and Live.” The developers are considering cosmetic trophies or participation rewards for accomplishments on Prime. Guilds will exist on the servers, as will Dimensions. The new PvP Warfront may be available later.

Another thing to note is that players with Patron status shouldn’t have to pay extra for Prime as plans are to include the service. So, for those of you already ponying up the money, there’s that.

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  1. To me this move will kill Rift… and if it doesn’t it will surely put in a very bad place. People keep forgeting that if the whales have no one to play with the whales themselves will stop playing. I call it here and now this has no future.


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