Whelp. We have another screenshot contest for both Trove and Rift. Once again, it’s effectively the same contest for both, with some minor differences. In both cases, the focus is locating the disguised Three Kings. In Rift, it seems they’re disguised as monsters, while in Trove they’re apparently just NPCs. Both games have a post on their website explaining how the contest works. They include an image of a location in the games where players need to look to find the monsters/NPCs in question. In Rift this will be the Moonshade Highlands while in Trove it’s the Hub.

The rules are the same for both games — and generally the same as with any other Rift/Trove screenshot contest. There only exception is that this time, players will need to submit three screenshots (one for each of the kings) with the correct monsters/NPCs in them. All the screenshots need to contain the player’s character and character name. When posting, players need to include their character name and server info. The contests end on January 17 at 11:59 PM Central European Time.

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