A Battle Pass is coming to Rift “soon”. At least, that’s what a tweet on the game’s official Twitter account says. The tweet also asked fans for their thoughts on the new feature and if they have any requests, leaving many wondering why in the world the game’s developer didn’t bother to explain what they’re talking about in the first place.

As it turns out, some Rift players have known about the existence of the Battle Pass for a while. In fact, back in September, the Ghar station posted some datamined information for something titled “World Event: Quest-o-rama”. Underneath this there were several mentions of a “Battle Pass” that included items, and a description stating that “each week more challenges are available for Ascended who are willing to adventure throughout Telara.”

At the time, nothing came of it. However, more recently, the same site posted more information including pictures of Battle Pass UI elements that appeared on the PTS.

So, basically, it seems the battle pass will be a system that rewards players for completing weekly quests, with new quests appearing every day.

So, basically, the developers are confirming this is a thing that exists without going into too much detail about it. Seeing as Battle Passes are typically purchased by players in other games, we can probably go ahead and assume that this is the new monetization scheme for Rift — replacing RIFT Prime.

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